Back To Square One...

Who: Lawrence Trisees
Where: He Hasn't Got a Clue
Lost was not a word Trisees enjoyed losing. Lost was a negative, in
his eyes, it showed a weakness. He hated being lost; but as his eyes
wandered down the eight corridors branching off from the small fork he
was standing in, he realised that he did in fact, not have a single
idea where on board he was.
He looked in a circle and tried to work out where on board the ship he
was. He'd studied the plans what seemed like years ago - it had
allowed him to find the perfect place to set up his scientific
laboratory and home. In fact if he knew how to get there, he'd make
his way toward Supply Field B. However, judging from the ship's
interior and the rampant wandering of the Hymoneptara, he didn't
suppose Supply Field B would be in much of a habitable state.
Trisees sighed and leant back against one of the walls, shaking his head.
"Number three," he shrugged, and began walking along it.
The third corridor was one of Blue Dwarf's outer passageways, one long
side of it nothing but windows. Trisees slowly ambled along, staring
out of them at the nearby planets, the faraway stars and a glowing Nebula.
As the Nebula shimmered, Trisees sighed wistfully and stopped walking.
He rested his forehead on the glass and gazed at vastness of space.
It reminded him of when he was a child. Ever since he could remember,
he'd wanted a job in Space. He'd wanted to be a captain, or a
brilliant exploratory scientist. Trisees smiled at the thought of his
thirteenth birthday. His father and sisters smiling and laughing
giving him his present - his mother and eldest brother passed away
eleven years earlier.
His father had paid for a ticket to Pluto, so he could go and study
the ice crystals with a science expedition. It had nearly bankrupted
the family, but his dad wanted him to follow his dreams. He was
behind him in everything he'd ever done. His sisters were too, both
of them helping their dad to pay for the ticket with their own pay checks.
They'd all been so proud when he'd gotten into the S.A.E.C. And being
the youngest person to ever be admitted seemed to be the icing on
their cake. It'd been so long since he'd seen them. He'd been
another person for twelve years, and the S.A.E.C. database records had
recorded him as dead because of it.
Trisees felt empty, the nebula still shimmering colourfully and
lighting up the darkness.
Was there any chance of him getting back to his home? He had no idea.
He sighed and wondered where Sarah, his only link to the past, had
gotten too. She'd joined the crew, and then vanished, mysteriously on
one of the planets they'd visited. Trisees had been desperate to find
her, but they were unable to return, the atmosphere having
deteriorated and blocking all ships from entering the planet.
Was she stuck there? Was she still alive?
He had so many questions, he had such a strange life. Things had
never been the same after he'd woken up in the Blue Dwarf's medibay.
Trisees wished he could go back in time and prevent himself from ever
testing the machine alone. Maybe it would change everything for the
worse, maybe for the good. He'd never know.
He had to make best of his situation. When Keto returned, he'd be
able to sort out his arm, and ears. There had to be some kind of
surgery or cyonics they could use. If not, he was more than adept at
building a cyonic limb and ears, even if only having his left hand.
He stood up straight, rubbed his eyes, and began walking back along
the corridor once more.

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