15 Years Lost...

Who: Trisees, Sarah
Where: The S.A.E.C. Sylphabia
"Beleive what?" asked Sarah, grinning lightheartedly and staring
into Trisees eyes. He'd always loved it when she'd done that. She
was the only person he'd ever known, outside of his family, who had
taken the time to get to know him.
Trisees had had a rough childhood, he'd been the constant end of
jokes, and he'd been shunned by every child he'd met growing up. No
one wanted to socialise with a child genius, and no one wanted a
friend who could out think them before they'd even said a word.
He was a lonely, angry child who became a stone hearted, angry and
lonely man. He cursed his intellect and adored it at the same time, a
walking paradox of sorts - it being his greatest asset and his largest
downfall in life. Being the child who sat at the back of the class
alone all through his school life, Trisees kept himself into knowledge
and grades. All he wanted was to better himself at everything, and
when he knew it all, perhaps he'd find a way of removing his
intelligence, allowing him to fit in.
As he learnt, Trisees excelled in his school work, passing tests meant
for people 4 times his age with entire lifetimes worth of experience.
He began getting watched by the Saturn Government who could see
Trisees as a potential nest egg of technology. He'd unlocked many
equations during his tentative high school years and shown himself to
be a creative thinker and adapter.
None of them ever knew that all he wanted was to be rid of his mind.
As a hobby, Trisees took up piloting - both Shuttle Craft type
runabout ships, and galaxy class Star Vesseels, as well as taking
courses in driving ground craft. He'd won flying medals and awards
galore, but none of them were ever the prize he wanted: Acceptance.
When he turned 19 and attained rank of Commander, the S.A.E.C. grabbed
hold of him before any government ever could, and employed him to work
aboard Saturn's most prestigious and advanced scientific space ship
they'd ever created, the S.A.E.C. Sylphabia. It was aboard here he'd
met his work partner and the only person who'd ever called him a
friend: Sarah Alexander.
Trisees' mind stopped reminicscing and he laughed as Sarah raised an
eyebrow. "Well?" she asked.
"Nothing," he said. It all seemed real, he thought. It seemed as
though he was here, experiencing everything. But he knew, he knew in
his heart and in his head that it was not. He was hallucinating. It
was the only explanation he could come up with. How he'd been
administered with anything hallucegenic he wasn't sure. Maybe one of
the hive workers had attacked him without him knowing. He wasn't sure
if they carried hallucigenic spray, but he had never studied the
physiology of the creatures.
He made it a point to do so once he recovered.
His vision flashed white, like it had done earlier and he felt a pang
of pain in his right arm. It slowly began to vanish and he breathed a
sigh of partial relief.
"What's happening Lawrence?" Sarah asked.
"Normality," he said sadly.
"What do you mean?" she asked, reflecting his sad look.
"That I hope to see you again soon," he replied, before there was
another flash of white and the Sylphabia vanished, replaced with the
charred interior of Blue Dwarf's Medibay.
"You there Sir?" asked Rufus, smiling warmly at Trisees.
Trisees, too weary to be mean, returned the smile.
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