Who: Lawrence V. Trisees and Rufus
Where: The Me.
"Mr Trisees sir," said Rufus, searching under a pile of metal panels
and amongst a heap of dirty wood.
"Yes Rufus," replied Trisees, picking up broken bottle shards and
discarding them in the corner. They'd been searching for a good while
now, and Trisees left arm was beginning to ache. They'd been lucky.
They'd found a few useful tools, a microscope, some unlabelled
ointment and some slides - but they really needed more.
"I was wondering what your full name was," he said.
"My full name?" replied Trisees, turning from the destroyed bench and
looking at Rufus.
"Yes," answered Rufus, a tad embarassed.
Trisees leant back against the worktop and put his hand in his pocket.
"Lawrence V. Trisees," he explained. "Though I don't often get called
my first name."
"What does the V. stand for?"
Trisees looked at the ground and shuffled his foot a little, before
removing his hand from his pocket and wiping his right cheek.
"Well..." he began.
"Its after my father. His name, and my middle name is Valcavia. He
came from Charon, one of the wealthy families. However, he fell in
love with a girl from Umbriel. They got married, and my father's
family never spoke to him again. They cut his money, his support,
"He was part of Charon's Royal family and as such he was deigned to
marry another. He went against their wishes, and fell in love with my
mother - an Umbriel. The Charon royal family was extremely distraught
about the whole thing."
Rufus nodded.
Trisees trailed off and looked at the ground sadly. "But thats
another story entirely. Its not important. What is important is
finding a way to keep us safe." Trisees smiled for the second time
and looked over at the pile of stuff Rufus had found.
"Anything worthwile yet?" he asked.
"A small microscope lightbulb, a little power supply, seven bottles of
ointment," Rufus motioned to his little heap.
"Excellent," said Trisees, looking at his own pile. "I think we may
just have a enough to start examining this gloop." He ran his left
hand through his hair and wiped it into a half broken slide. "There's
bound to be something in this that gives us the upper hand."
Trisees looked at his single arm, and then gave a wry laugh.

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