OOC- New Crewmember, Miranda Catherine Bell

Hello everyone, a new crewbie for us! Say hello to Miranda, she's
not a Captain, a trained command officer, or an ace pilot- but she
has the most important job on the ship, a waitress in Parrots bar
who brings us precious alcohol!
Character Name: Miranda Catherine Bell
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Nationality: British
Department: civilian
Job Title: Waitress / barmaid
Player/NPC? active
Physical Appearance
weight: 46.5kg / height 152cm eyes: green, hair: long and brown,
ususally tied back in a ponytail for neatness. Skin colour: fair.
Personality and Interests
Shy, emotional, easily scared, doesn't really feel she "belongs"
anywhere. Has trouble forming lasting relationships. Can be
annoyingly cheerful at times. Caring, and sweet, she is a good
listener and hears a lot of other people's problems, being a
barmaid, she tends to see the worst side of people, but can always
find good in everyone. Very protective of the people she loves.
Likes: chocolate, brandy, ginger beer, playing the cello (she has an
antique cello, given to her by her grandmother), listening to music.
She enjoys most types of music, especially classical (Beethoven,
Bach, Vivaldi etc), having baths, clothes, her collection of stuffed
animals. Her favourite songs are Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata"
and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" from the Wizard Of Oz.
Miranda Bell was born on Juno, the youngest of two children. She
didn't do very well at school except in music, where she proved to
be very adept at playing the cello, even from a young age. Her home
life was sheltered and happy but was put under strain after she
found out aged 15 that her father had had an affair before they were
born, and came to resent both parents. At 16 she ran away from home
after an argument with her parents and stayed at her boyfriend's
place for a couple of nights, then returned home when it was obvious
she had no means to support herself.For a few years she worked in a
department store, a clothing boutique, but she felt directionless
and without a goal in life. When her older brother Michael took up a
poisition on the JMC vessel Blue Dwarf as a mechanic, she felt she
wanted to stay close to him and applied for a position as a waitress
in one of the ship's bars.
Favourite Sayings
"Please" and "thankyou" "Neato!" "Eww!" (usually used in conjunction
with one of her pet hates, i.e spiders) "Has that got meat in
it?" "Umm... I don't know much about that technical kind of
stuff." "Sorry!" "What does that button do?"

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