Miranda's shift finishes

Who: Miranda, Brian
Where: Parrots / A corrdior in Blue Dwarf
When: After CK asked Miranda a rude question
Miranda watched the two guys leave, and tried to hide a smile as she
wiped the bar down and collected their empty glasses. Brian, still
at the bar, raised his eyebrows at her questioningly.
"It's ok," she explained. "Not the first time I've been hit on by a
drunk guy."
She had been on Blue Dwarf for three days and felt surprisingly at
home here. Sure, the crew were a bit bizarre, but at least it was
more exciting than her old job selling clothes. When her shift was
over, she left the bar and walked through the ship towards the
crew's quarters. On her way through Medical, she glanced into a few
of the rooms, wondering if CK had been taken to have his stomach
pumped (he looked like he needed it). She didn't see him and
continued through the ship. After walking around aimlessly for a few
minutes, she realized she was completely lost.
One thing she had learned after being on the ship for three days was
that Blue Dwarf was BIG.
She was standing in a fairly featureless corrdior with no signs
above the doors, and she was very tired.
"I'm sure I was supposed to turn right at Medical..." she mumbled,
and wandered ahead to see if she could ask for directions.
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