Miranda is lost

Who: Python, Miranda, Bonzai Boy
Where: Blue Dwarf Corridor
When: Miranda is looking for directions
Python was leaving his room with Bonzai Boy. They were walking down
the corridor.
"So, Python! Have you had a good day?" Bonzai Boy asked.
"It's been okay! Although, I did manage to mess up the Blue Midget's
engine." Python answered. "But you should have seen it! My
supervisor, CK got mega-drunk at the parrot. He ended up making a
right twat of himself. He asked the barmaid if she wanted to have
some Scottish in her. Ha! Do you get it?"
"No, Python. I don't think I do!" Bonzai Boy replied.
Python started to explain, "Right, CK is Scottish and he asked if she
had any Scottish in her. When she said no, he said would you like
some. The meant he wanted her to..."
It was at that point when he noticed Miranda. She seemed lost.
"Hi!" Python said to Miranda.
Miranda replied, "Oh! Hello again,... er...Cobra. Is that right?"
"It's Python!" Python corrected Miranda.
"Oh, sorry" Miranda said.
"It's okay!" Python replied. "So, what's up?"
"Oh, you don't know where Medical is, do you?" Miranda asked.
"No, I'm not too sure. But, I do have this." Python pulled a Blue
Dwarf leaflet out of his pocket and gave it to Miranda. "It has a
map inside it."
"Oh, you sure you don't want it?" Miranda asked.
"It's Okay! There are plenty more at the information desk." Python
"Thanks" Miranda said. "I guess I'll see you around."
"All right, then! I'll see you later!" Python replied.
Miranda went off to find the medical.
"Who was that?" Bonzai Boy asked.
"That was Miranda. She is the barmaid I was telling you about.
Gee...we seemed to be getting quite close, didn't we?!?"
"If you say so, Python!" Bonzai Boy replied.

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