Time for some action type thing

"Rio..stay where you are, I'm coming down with a rescue party" he cutt off the comm, "Phil, find some people and come with me, we've got a pilot to rescue"
- end snip-
Phil, who was eating a curry with MP and trying to stop him from molesting someone who had come on board to take some photo's, spoke to the com unit
"What? MP? if thats you I'll cut of your porn ration" replied Jay.
"Oh for fu...Is there ANYONE there with the power of speach?"
"I can speak...the midget was trying to tell you that the secuirty guy was eating a curry.." said Imdae.
"Who the bloody heck are you?...Never Mind...tell the curry monster to get  here right away with a team RIGHT NOW..."
"hmhppp!" *
"EEE!" **
"What did they say?"
"ermm..thery are on their way" lied Imdae.
** 10 mins later **
Phil, having picked up jack along the way(even though he tried to avoid him by diving into the Burger Tzar, another bar, the Kebab shop and Anne Summers(for Tara and then finally using Phil's manuver number 1#), stumbled into the drive room as Jay was talking to Rio
"You took ya time"
Phil turned to jack and said "Once more, you made me look like a complete cun...WTF is that on the screen behind Rio?"
* = "Git!"
** =  "Actualy Philip, i think that Mr Chrysler is perturbed by something. The pitch of hi voice indicates that there is something a miss. Oh and by the way you are dripping madras sauase down your front. Now you run along whilst I stay here and show the people gathered my elephant impression..."
# = Phil's manuver number 1 : Point behind your target and shout "Ooooooohhh..... WTF is that over there!"

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