Ah, Why Not?

Who: Jay, Phil, Jack, Chris, McJohn, Cerebrum, Johnny and Keto
Where: Shuttlebay
When: Before Away mission launch
> "OK OK you can come....get aboard..COME ON PEOPLE WERE MOVING OUT!"
Keto was not in a very good mood.
Of course, this wasn't much of a change from normal, so he was quite
contented in a bad-mood kind of way. Perhaps the term should be
'quasi-content', or possible 'meta-content', or...
The reason for these somewhat random thoughts crawling through
Keto's brain was that he'd been up for about forty hours straight,
trying to help Trisees and Rufus fit the scientist with new limbs, and
he was exhausted and almost on the verge of hallucinating through
sleep deprivation. He had, in fact, completely missed the medibay and
wandered in through the shuttle bay doors in time to see a large group
of people assembled there.
He blinked.
"Where am I?" he murmured. Jay looked over.
"Oh. It's you. I take it you're coming too?"
"Away mission to the surface? Boarding now? Leaving now? Any of
this making any sense?"
"Get on," said Jay, jerking a thumb over his shoulder, "We should
probably have a medical person along and you vaguely qualify. And
perhaps you can distract Cerebrum and stop him talking to anyone."
"Wha...?" managed Keto for the third time as he was lightly guided
into the away vehicle. "...sleep?"
OOC: Okay, so a slightly sleep-deprived Keto is coming along for the
ride. *shrugs* :)

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