JP: The Landing

This Was a JP between Myself, Chris (Chris), and Andy (Jay), our first I
Who:-Amber, Chris, Johnny, Phil, Cerebrum, McJohn, Smith, Jay, and a
semi-conscious Keto.
The Starbug descended into the atmosphere of the mysterious planet on which
the simulants had landed, the entire horizon was racked with storms, and
didn’t make Jay's job any easier. "OK guys!" he said into the cabin "There's
only one good landing spot, about a mile from Rio's shuttle, taking her down
but hold onto your jockstraps, it's gonna get bumpy!" He set up the ship for
landing and headed downward.
“Hey Jay” shouted Chris from the back of the Starbug, “Why don't you try and
make contact with Rio, I think somebody’s voice may be very re-assuring to
her right now"
Jay nodded "Rio can you hear me?!" he said "It's Chrysler, come in Lomaz.."
Jay was greeted by static.
"Dammit...comms down" he said "Ugh..hold on!" he said as he narrowly evaded
a lightning bolt. "Coming in for landing!" The 'bug hit the ground firmly,
and skidded in the rain-lashed mud, finally coming to a halt after snapping
away several, dead, tree branches. "Like a glove!" said Phil
"Should see me in Tesco's car park" Jay replied.
"Hey, Maybe we should launch a scouter before we leave?" suggested Chris,
"It might give us some clue as to what is ACTUALLY out there?"
"No.." said Phil "Time is of the essence...." he trailed off as he said this
"He's right...." said Jay "We gotta get to her and we gotta get to her fast"
"But….most scouters have rescue functions" said Chris "It could be all the
help Rio needs!"
"Its a good idea" said Jay "But McJohn forgot to pack it!"
"Hey!" said McJohn "Why am I always responsible for everything?!"
"Since Phil said "Mcjohn don’t forget the scouter" and you said "I'll make
it my main responsibility!" Cerebrum pointed out.
With that, the talking stopped, and everybody grabbed what weapons they
wanted, and carefully stepped outside the 'bug, Phil leading the way.
The landscape was hellish, dead trees stood tall around them, casting eeries
shadows in the darkness. A dark blue, almost purple haze filled the sky,
making it hard to make out anything but shadows for metres. Thunder cracked
and lightning bolted every few seconds. "Eyes open" said Phil "Whatever
killed the sim’s could still be here"
"Well" said Amber "It aint gonna be anywhere else is ships left the
bloody planet"
Jay held his arm up to silence the group. "This way" he said, gesturing in
the direcion that the beeps on his personal navi-com had indicated.
Slowly but surely, the group progressed, using Jay and his personal navi-com
as a guide, they were beginning to progress quite quickly when Chris held up
an arm to halt and silence the group, "I hear something....." he said, a
faint rusting, like the moving of feet and the snapping of twigs found
itself in his ears, It became clearer, loud enough for the rest of the
group to her, They all turned to the left, weapons raised, seeking for the
unseen noise.....
"Someones there!!" Jack said cocking his rifle. "You dont say..." said
Amber, cocking hers. it was at this moment that Amber was set upon by 3
figures, thier bodies twisted, rotten and bloody. They threw her to the
ground and pinned her, writhing on top of her as she used her gun to try and
hold them off. "GET 'EM OFF HER!" ordered Jay as he, Phil, Jack and Chris
leapt in grabbing the figures and throwing them off. Chris grabbed one and
caught sight if its face. "Britney?" he said "Britney Du Buffon?!
But....your dead!"
"Care to join us?!" she hissed and slashed out her right arm, aiming for his
throat, he stepped backwards, as a shell from Jack's rifle zinged past his
ear and through the head of Britney knocking her off her feet. the other two
figures, who no-one had recognised had already been disposed of. "Not bad
for a guy with no depth perception.." said Jay. Chris looked down at
Britney, who lay by his feet. Her face was pale, her eyes dark, it wasn't
her...yet it was...her body still bore the marks of that what killed her.
"How...." he started, when the body twitched, and began climbing to its
feet, as did the other two. "You're having a smeg...." said Phil. As he
finished his sentence more noises were heard from all around. "What now?"
said Keto.
"Now.." said Phil "We leggit..."
"keep on eye on where your going and one eye on the trees" said Jay, then
bit his tongue "Sorry Jack!"
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