Seymour "A liability"

"Mr Chrysler, Sir, you did lock the Bug, didn't you?" Yelled Johnny,
hoping Jay could hear him.
"Of course, Johnny."
"Then why is the remote saying the door's open?"
Jay checked his remote and swore.
"I must've accidentally pressed the unlock button as we were
leaving, or something, Sir." Johnny said. "It wouldn't be the first
At this point, Johnny had taken enough attention away from where he
was going and ran into a tree.
<end snip>
Who: The landing team, consisiting of Amber, Chris, Johnny, Phil,
Cerebrum, McJohn, Smith, Jay, a semi-conscious Keto and Ambassador
Seymour Niples
Where: The planet at the centre of the universe
When: After the Starbug door was discovered to be open
Seymour lagged behind the main group, there had been some action and
running about panicking, but still things just hadn't been exciting
enough for him yet. He had brought a hoverboard along with him, an
anti-gravity skateboard. Which he made absolutely sure he showed off
enough by floating around on it and doing tricks. When he realised
nobody was really watching him he hovered behind the group and
practised more incredible tricks, making sure to fall off now and
again to attract attention and hopefully sympathy.
He did a flip over a dead tree trunk and tripped up over a large
rock Jay turned around to face him.
"Seymour! What the hell are you doing?! You're making too much noise
and attracting attention to us all, theres some weird stuff going on
here- I want us all to be alert, and you're messing around like a
child on a skateboard!"
"Hoverboard Dude!" Said Seymour. "Its top of the range, a real slick
model- want a try?"
"No! Now pay attention, you're supposed to be a Royal Ambassador for
gods sake- that means you're supposed to be uptight and boring! And
to be honest, you were even LESS annoying when you WERE uptight and
There were shocked gasps from the rest of the crew.
"Okay okay, Mr Square!" Said Seymour. I'll just skate quietly,
you're only jealous because I look good, and you can't do it!"
Jay sighed "No Seymour, you'll walk like the rest of us. Now give me
the board."
"No… square."
"No, its mine."
"Oh for gods sake, just hold it then and walk"
Seymour stepped off the board and held it under his arm miserably.
They continued towards Rio's shuttle. They climbed a short ridge in
the landscape and could see the Starbug in the distance. Everyone
kept close to the ground as Phil looked closer through some
"Yep it's our target al right, but…" Said Phil.
"But what?" Asked Jay.
"But there's a big crowd between it and us. They're…hideous… like
zombies, or the living dead or something, they look pretty nasty, we
better be quiet and not attract them over here."
waving his hands in the air. "ITS ABOUT TIME WE HAD SOME EXCITEMENT
Jay pulled Seymour to the ground. "What the hell do you think you're
doing! You'll get us all killed!"
"I thought this would be more interesting… what else would we do,
sneak past them?"
"Yes! Stealthily!" said Jay.
"That's boring!"
"Seymour, your new personality is a danger to us all, when we get
back… if we get back we need to change you back! Boring or not, at
least you weren't dangerous!"
Phil crawled back down the ridge. "Thanks to Seymour, they've seen
us. They're coming right for us."
They all looked at Seymour. "Tit!"

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