Efof "Meeting Python"

Python turned on the Blue Midget's engine and flew out of the Blue
Dwarf. His flying was a bit wonky and it did look like he was going
to crash.
<end snip>
Who: Efof Yuwan'Kar and Python
Where: Starbug heading towards the planet
When: En route
Efof awoke from the bunk in the Starbug and stretched his four arms.
He realised he must have taken a quick kip while restocking the ship
and slept in. He grabbed a mug of coffee from the coffee machine and
staggered in a sleepy daze into the cockpit.
He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and saw the blackness of space
through the cockpit window. He was about to ask himself where he
was, why he was on a Starbug flying through space but thought better
of it and was about to go back to the bunk when the cockpit pilot's
seat spun around.
"Hi!" Said Python.
"Erm… Hi!" Said Efof.
Python looked at Efof's four arms. "You're an alien!"
Efof looked at the arms himself. "Oh yeah! I am!"
Python stood up excitedly. "I was raised by aliens!"
"No way?!"
"Way! I've travelled around the galaxy a bit too, I've seen quite a
few alien species..."
"Wow," said Efof. "You don't know a guy named Pritt Kirstofferson do
"No sorry"
"Oh well, it was worth a try" Said Efof. "He's probably long dead
anyway. Bastard owes me money."
"So where you from?"
"Ffion, East Nebulae sector."
"Never heard of it sorry."
"Yeah well the Hymenoptera killed everyone and mined it dry of
proteins about a thousand years ago while I was in stasis. And the
muppets at the Blue Dwarf here accidentally blew up what was left of
the planet when they visited. Can't really complain as they rescued
me… but they could have been a bit more careful!"
"Yeah tell me about it!" Said Python. "I bet its hard to fit in eh?
Being around a difference species. I travelled around so much that
I'm not sure where I belong."
"Ooh ooh! We could be like, alien buddies!" Said Efof
excitedly. "I'll go get some beer and a DVD and we can chill and be
"Sorry I can't at the moment…" Said Python.
"What? Why? Have I offended you? That's a normal thing for humans to
do isn't it?" Efof reached for his book on human customs to check.
"No I mean theres no time, we're heading towards the planet at the
centre of the universe, we'll be landing soon to join the rest of
the party."
"Oh okay, I'll tag along. So how about being friends then? All my
proper friends are long dead, there's not much chance I'll ever see
them again…."
<OOC- or will he? To be continued! Or tag to Python>

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