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nitpick? Us?

-----Original Message-----From: Onion [mailto:theonion770@...]Sent: 08 November 2004 03:53To: JMC_Blue_Dwarf@yahoogroups.comSubject: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Re: Efof "Meeting Python"OOC- sorry its only a monor thing, but I feel silly for making the mistake. The ship efof and python are in is a Blue Midget as stated by Python, I got it wrong.It makes abosolutely no difference at all- but I dodnt want any nitpickers after me!-onion--- In, "Onion" <theonion770@h...> wrote:> > <snip>> Python turned on the Blue Midget's engine and flew out of the Blue > Dwarf.  His flying was a bit wonky and it did look like he was going > to crash.> <end snip>> > Who: Efof Yuwan'Kar and Python> Where: Starbug heading towards the planet> When: En route> > Efof awoke from the bunk in the Starbug and stretched his four arms. > He realised he must have taken a quick kip while restocking the ship > and slept in. He grabbed a mug of coffee from the coffee machine and > staggered in a sleepy daze into the cockpit. > > He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and saw the blackness of space > through the cockpit window. He was about to ask himself where he > was, why he was on a Starbug flying through space but thought better > of it and was about to go back to the bunk when the cockpit pilot's > seat spun around.> > "Hi!" Said Python. > "Erm… Hi!" Said Efof.> Python looked at Efof's four arms. "You're an alien!"> Efof looked at the arms himself. "Oh yeah! I am!"> Python stood up excitedly. "I was raised by aliens!"> "No way?!"> "Way! I've travelled around the galaxy a bit too, I've seen quite a > few alien species..."> "Wow," said Efof. "You don't know a guy named Pritt Kirstofferson do > you?"> "No sorry"> "Oh well, it was worth a try" Said Efof. "He's probably long dead > anyway. Bastard owes me money."> "So where you from?"> "Ffion, East Nebulae sector." > "Never heard of it sorry."> "Yeah well the Hymenoptera killed everyone and mined it dry of > proteins about a thousand years ago while I was in stasis. And the > muppets at the Blue Dwarf here accidentally blew up what was left of > the planet when they visited. Can't really complain as they rescued > me… but they could have been a bit more careful!"> > "Yeah tell me about it!" Said Python. "I bet its hard to fit in eh? > Being around a difference species. I travelled around so much that > I'm not sure where I belong."> > "Ooh ooh! We could be like, alien buddies!" Said Efof > excitedly. "I'll go get some beer and a DVD and we can chill and be > friends!"> "Sorry I can't at the moment…" Said Python.> "What? Why? Have I offended you? That's a normal thing for humans to > do isn't it?" Efof reached for his book on human customs to check.> "No I mean theres no time, we're heading towards the planet at the > centre of the universe, we'll be landing soon to join the rest of > the party."> "Oh okay, I'll tag along. So how about being friends then? All my > proper friends are long dead, there's not much chance I'll ever see > them again…."> > <OOC- or will he? To be continued! Or tag to Python>...Protecting the universe from the scum of the the Blue Dwarf guide to the galaxy!Your number one resource in all things Blue Dwarf related!

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