Back on full thrusters

Kochanski sat in the Starbug mid-section with a hypo-gun, he had filled it with an anti-intoxicant from the medical locker. It was just as well it was a hypo really since he was afraid of needles. He pressed it on to the side of his neck and pulled the trigger, within a few minutes his hangover had already began to clear up.
It was about then that a very irritated Niples walked in muttering something about Phil, which I’m not going to repeat…
“Ah, I see you’ve came around hey CK” He said as he noticed the empty hypo on the desk and the medi-case on the desk (with one vial missing), “Good night was it?” CK looked up to see the former blue blood on the other side of the desk.
“Yeah, although I think I was really out of order with that new bar maid” He said to Niples as he got up to put the medical equipment away. “I reckon that when we get back I should go and apologize to her.” He said sitting back down.
“No way” said Niples.
“You can’t go and apologize to her” He said trying to look cool. “You gotta treat em’ mean to keep them keen” He said. Kochanski laughed. “What?”
“Sorry, I just never thought I’d see the day when id be listening to tips on women from Seymour Niples.”

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