"Leading into trouble 2"

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Who: Seymour Niples, Python, CK, Johnny, Eric Lustbader, Efof &
Where: Entrance to the Devil's Base, Planet of the Dead
When: Early morning
The team entered into the cave entrance. Seymour was boasting about
the fight he had just had with the undead Will Cannon. "I could have
had him you know, you didn't have to jump in like that. I'm stronger
than I look, I was just letting him think I was loosing..."
"I'm scared!" Said Efof as the cave grew darker.
Soon it opened up into a huge underground cavern. They were on a
ledge looking over the entire area. Hiding behind a stalagmite they
looked at the undead army below.
"Look, over there!" Said Seymour. That Devil-looking man is our
culprit, he's the one we need to take out."
"Take out? I thought this was just a recon mission?!" Asked CK. "And
look at that entire army!"
They looked over the edge. A massive army was collecting. They could
see a machine in the centre of the room, it was a large misty pool
with many wires and machinery attached. It sparked and glowed
frequently. They watched as the mists swirled and formed into a
transparent ghostly person, who then started to take on a fleshy
form, and walked out to join the army.
"Oh my god!" Thats how they're creating the undead, its some kind of
machine that draws spirits...ghosts... and turns them backinto
people." said CK.
"If you can call them people." Said Seymour. "They look like the
most unsavoury of people too, thugs, murderers, monsters... theres
quite a few Hymenoptera spiders over there-" he shuddered. "I bet
some of those werne't too happy at us for killing them. Actually I
bet everyone here will be pretty pissed off that they're dead!"
"Eeeew, that man only has one arm!" Said Efof in disgust. "Eeeeeew,
that one only has two!"
"Isn't two normal?" Said Melissa.
"He's a Ffionian! Look at his head, he's got a big-"
He was cut off by the sound of a shotgun reloading behind him.
They all turned around to see a tall gentleman in a top hat and
tails waving a gun in their face. "Now what on Earth do we have
here?" Said the man, quite well spoken. "Indruders possibly?"
"A taskforce from the Blue Dwarf!" Seymour said over-boldly and
stupidly self-confident. "We're here to stop you'r little plan. And
who are you?"
The man thought about this for a moment. Then said sinisterly. "I
have many names... you can call me.....Jack."
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