Re: Change of plan......

"UNDEAD ARMY-SKI!!!" Yelled Stalin, his voice turning into a high-
pitched warble, "ATTACK-SKI!!!!!"
Without warning, along the cliff top appeared a large army of the
undead, that outnumbered the small group of officers and security
grunts that were milling around the two spacecraft. They leapt from
down from the cliff edge, and stood from their landing-crouches and
moved toward the group.
"Shit...." was all Jay could say as he primed his power-rifle.....
<end snip>
"smegging hell!" shouted Jack as he departed from the craft, he
cocked the M249, making sure the ammo belt was secure, as the moment
he looked up, and saw the undead army, his arms flew round, and let
it rip.
Bullets from the weapon tore into the cliff face... so he changed
his aim to where the zombies were, and tore into them instead. They
piled down the cliff towards them, closing on the cave entrance.
The security guys that were here seemed to be handling themselves
quite well...
Jack looked into the cave, and saw some shadows, one shadow
advancing on a group of others. One name jumped into his mind as he
saw them. "Melissa!!" he shouted, leaving the group to fight
without him as he ran into the cave just before the zombies could
get to him. He ran down the spiral stone staircase, and came up
behind Jack the ripper, who turned to greet him.
"oh, another one to join the party?" ripper said, looking at Jack.
"you can call me Jack, i'll be your executioner for the day" he
"hah, not on my watch, i'm the only Jack here!" Jack said as he ran
into the ripper, forcing the barrel of his gun into the rippers
stomach, and pulled the trigger. A rather loud noise filled the
hall as hollow points flew above the undead army, pinging harmlessly
off the far wall. A large hole had appeared in Jack the ripper.
"ahh, you bugger, that hurt!" he said, smacking Jack against the
wall. While this happened, a group of more intelligent zombies had
carted the group away, at gunpoint. Melissa called to Jack, but he
was too busy to be able to do anything. He heard her scream, and a
hatred bubbled up inside him.
"no one hurts Melissa" he said, anger filling his voice. He bull
rushed Jack the ripper, forcing him off the sheer drop to the cave
floor below, as they landed, the ripper cusioning jacks fall, the
barrel of the M249 appeared underneath the chin of the undead being.
"eat lead" Jack ordered, pulling the trigger.
He got up, and looked around him at the horde of fresh undead
surrounding him.
"smeg" he said, quite plainly.
"Hold on guys, don't be hasty" Jack the ripper said, getting up, a
nasty hole in his head and stomach now.
"jeez, don't you guys ever die?" Jack said, spinning round and
filling the ripper with even more shells.
"you can't kill whats already dead" was all the ripper said, before
he leapt through the hail of bullets, and took Jack down.

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