Re: Meanwhile at base camp

Who: Python, CK, Melissa, Johnny, Eric, Efof, Jay, Alota, Phil, Amber
Where: Near base camp
When: The crew are hiding from the zombies
---- Snip ----
> "Well, we are going to have a whole load of new members of our army
> now!" One of the zombies said eagerly.
> "Okay! How about we run to the cave to join up with Jack!" Python
> called to the rest of the group.
> "Yeah, and maybe he could shoot these lot chasing us!" Jay said.
---- End Snip ----
Amber growled at the incompetence of the Blue Dwarf crew, in all her three years aboard
the only people with any sort of usefullness were the most hated by the crew. Amber
dropped to the ground rolled and stood up again facing backwards towards the Zombies,
she aimed her gun and fired off several shots into the milling crowd before aiming more
carefully and taking them out with headshots. Running after the group again her eyes
filled with inky black after killing the Zombies she had to use all her inner willpower not to
shoot one of the incompetent morons in the back of the head.
The large group of Blue Dwarfers reached the place where Seymour and Chris were being
held captive, only to be greeted with the smiling, drooling, slavering of a zombified bug.
"This just gets better and better" Amber said sarcastically ducking as the bug shot
webbing at the group. She brushed some of the sticky cobwebs out of her hair and fired at
the offending deadie.
*click... clickclick click*
"Oh no..." Amber dropped to the back of the group and reloaded her wepon.
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