Re: Down and out and off the Dwarf

Who: Amber, Jack, Keats, Melissa and Jonny Be Goode
Where: Places
When: Evening
---- Snip ----
> "if you ask me, theres something a bit more to it than just
> he finished. As he finished, Quilibet turned and flashed a look
> frankly unnerved Jack for a second, before he returned to his place
> in Keats Pocket.
---- End Snip ----
Quil restlessly scurried from Keats pocket to his shoulder back to
his pocket and finally settled down on his head again. Keats was
bouncing off the walls, quite literally, a few paces infront of Jack,
Melissa and Johnny. Amber appeared around the corner a stormy look on
her face, the splashes of black in her iris more pronounced than
usual. On seeing keats the two rings on the chain around her neck
seemed to burn a hole in her chest, and their clanking against her
dog tags seemed to echo around the coridoor.
"Hi Amber" Keats chirped happily.
"Whats with the Davey Crockett impression? Have I missed hunting
season again?" She sniped at the pilot.
"This is Quil" He said, hearing it's name the robotic ferret
scampered back down onto Keats shoulder. Amber growled inwardly, a
hundred questions and retorts flashing into her mind, but wanting to
keep her secret was far more important than a snide remark.
"Didn't think you were into that kind of thing, animals and all
that jazz." She said smirking, her eyes darkening again. She fell
into step with her secret husband "Where are you going then? Off to
see your lover back on Terra Firma?" She asked a sly smile on her
<Tag Keats old chap>
OOC - This was a post to get in the Davey Crockett joke.... I
couldn't resist, im sorry....

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