More down and out

OOC- Respect for drinking over a bathtub full of bootleg spirits Mr
Johnny took another bite of his first pizza, and didn't wince as
much as the first time. After three more bites, he didn't wince at
all, and after a couple more, started to eat it quickly.
"Oh yeah, this is great food." Johnny spoke through his mouthful of
"Mine's not bad either." Keats said. "These perfitteroles are really
<end clip>
Jack and Melissa were munching slowly, Melissa was noticeably
avoiding looking at Jonny, who was spraying a thin film of pizza base
across the table and causing small fireballs if he got to near the
candle. He took a swig of a Vodka spiked milkshake and shiverd. He
was getting noticeably and noticeablier less stable.
'So! Jonny, what exactly is it you do?' Amber inquired.
'Me? I uhh, pilot stuff, yeah!'
'Huh.... i see'
The waitress came over to the table again, Jonny had tipped her each
time she came to the able, shes doubled her pay for the week just in
tips, and wasnt about to give up now.
'Is there anything more i can get for you sir?'
'Nah nah, my names Jonny, Miss... ehhhh.... Aarleecffe?'
'Alice, but thats not my real name'
'Come have a drin with us!'
'Well i don get off shift shortly...' she smiled at Jonny, who winked
with both eyes.
'Well, aint this good! weve all got someone, ive got Melissa, Jonnys
got as of yet unnamed cocktail waitress.. ohh, except you and Amber
of course... heh.. wouldnt it be funny if you two were together..
hypothetically of course'
Keats had just stood up to go to the lav. He turned and said
'Well, actually, you know me and Amber ar-' He doubled over and fell
on the table behind them as Amber let loose an elbow into his more
sensative regions, sending a 14" Hawain, and his pizza flying across
the room.
'Yeah, well hypothectically i think hes the most jumped up,
egotistical, animal fancying reaking little piece of slime that ever
dribbled out of the great petri dish in the sky!'
The Table went silent, except Keats who kept counting to three and
crying on the floor behind them. Quilibet had floated round behind
'So... no chance anyhting will happen between you to? Good, wouldnt
want me neice to fall in with the likes of him' Jack laughed.
Quil bit him on the ear and darted away before he managed to turn
'What the hell was that?'
'Preeee!' chirped Quilibet from Keats pocket.

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