Fly to Valhalla litle one, for odin beckons

Phil sttod with Tara, trying to hold back his tears
His midget was dead.
Rufus and Amber stood quitley behind
Nipple, who never realy liked the was performing the cermony of having MP's remains shot into a nearby sun
"He sallway said he wanted a propper viking funeral, but we coulndt find any valkeryies on board.."
Even jay, as a gesture to his freind stood by as the little body bag was lowered into the probe/coffin.
Phil coughed.
"MP's was more then a freind to me...he WAS me...thanks to my two briallant children...sadly he is with us no more...and now we give his body to the sun...and as per his will, we will now play his favorite tun...."
Phil montioned towards holly...
The benny hill theme tune started blaring through out the launch room...
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