Garages, Grease and Carbarae

The Ice moon of Hyperion, slowly it turned around Saturn. It was
known as a desolate wasteland, Tundra as far as the eye could see,
but bleaker, colder, less forgiving. It was also known as the hosting
sight for 'Severn's Space-Truck Dine and Dance stop' where a simple
freight pilot could pass by, have a rest, take in a few drinks, get
some fuel and dance the night away to a full, 32 person Carbarae in
the evenings. Many patrons were regulars, stopping by even without a
full load, some wernt even truckers, but flew for weeks to see a
single show. It was Galactically famous, and the owner, the dowager
Josephine Severn couldnt be happier. Although, she hadnt always been
a she.
Growing up on Titan, Joseph's father had owned a failing garage and
diner. He had worked the evenings away on old, wrecked out skimmers
to sell on for a few dollarpounds. So, to escape this, he joined the
military, and using his knowledge in mechanics, rose to be a Seargent
in the UEMC Colonial Marine core in the role of field mechanic.
Several years of this started to turn him insane, so he applied for a
job on the JMC Bluedwarf, he had overheard a few drunks in a bar once
talking about it, and hell, a ship as big as that needed a competant
mechanic did it not? So he applied, all was going well, until
terrorist acts blew it in dry dock.
He was back to the start, and in a game of 'Cripple me Swing' he won
deeds to a Garage onb Hyperion.
"The only garage for miles" the owner had said.
"Full of promise!"
He had been half true, it was the only garage for miles, but the only
promising thing was that it might suddenly cave in and crush you
before the cold killed you. But Severn was determined to see ti
through, and after getting in touch with a few old... fruity friends,
and a good plastic surgeon, he had his dream, 'Dance whilst you Dine'
cheap drinks, greasy garage and Carbarae stop. He was happy, and
unlike his Blue Dwarf time lined Dopple-Ganger, this one had fair
skin, long, blonde hair, and a soft smile that couldnt melt even the
most hardend space monkey.
OOC- the scary life of Joseph Severn without the Blue Dwarf. Cant be
arsed to write any more for an NPC...

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