The real story behind the Virgin (Dante Inc) Mega-Company.

Who: Dante,
Where: His Office
When: Now I guess
"Hello. Is that you Dante?" McJohn said into the receiver, "Hey,
yeah. I see, how are you? ... Good. Listen, I need a bit of a
favor. ... No, nothing like last time, I just wanted to know if you
could get me three seats on your next Dallas-Heathrow flight? ...
Just some blueprint trouble with the Space Corps, nothing too life-
threatening. I've been trying to get Kochanski on the horn all day
but he's gone fishing or joyriding or he's fallen into a black hole
or something. ... Yeah, it sure is. ... Sure, that's fine. Better
than taking the train, yes. ... Renee's fine, I'm sure she'd love to
meet you. ... Yep, I did tell her a bit about what happened in
Ankara. ... Yeah, those were the days. Thanks, I'll be seeing you."
Dante was sat at his desk when the phone rang.
"Dante Inc, Dante speaking how can I help?...... Ahhh McJohn hello.... Yes
fine...... Not another... Yes I surpose..... Well that's unfortuante.... Yes
of course...... That would be nice.... YOU WANT DRIVERS AS WELL!!..... Well
okay..... Yes ok..... In 6 hours will do.... See you soon mate!" Dante hung
the phone up, "Why ask me for flights I have 16 million children in some far
away planet manning a call centre for that and 22 million people in India
manning another plus my 16 PA's and 120 secutatries. Why phone me?" <BUZZZZ>
Dante pushed the intercom "Anna please deal with Mr McJohn's request. Thank
the slightly insane Captain pressed down hard on the firing controls. A
measly pulse of energy emerged from the Green Dwarf's laser turret
and struck the last massive ship on the back as it went past, doing
no damage.
"Fool!" Shouted the First officer to the Captain, and shot him
again. Again he stumbled to the floor.
The large ships firstly seemed not to notice, then a large swarm of
ships started to spew out of the large one. Like a plague of
insects, the ships surrounded the Green Dwarf, pelting it with
weapon shots of corrosive thick matter. The hull plating started to
burn away and crack.
The Green Dwarf gradually melted, until the engine drive plates
corroded from the gooey acidic matter, causing the ship to explode
in a violent blast.
The Green Dwarf was no more. The Hymenoptera ships continued heading
towards EarthÂ…
A television screen popped up in front of Dante "Your Shares in JMC hve
"WHAT WHY?" Roared Dante. Video footage from one of Dante Inc's spy
satelitte's showed JMC Green Dwarf being hit by multipule pulses and the
disappearing. "Well thats not too bad!! Anna get the Commanding Officer's of
the SAS and SBS and SSS (Special Space Service) in here please.... And can
you tell that bum outside to stop sweeping my Rolls Royce his job is the
<To be Contiued or Tag if you want the Job of the 3 OC's"
Commodus extraho
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