The Family Business-The Exciting Conclusion!

Last time on The Family Business...
Smith froze.
All his life he had wondered about his real family. Who were they,
what did they do, why didn't they want him. Now he had that chance. It
would probably never come again.
John Smith turned around to face the man claiming to be his father.
"I'm going to need some guns."
And now the exciting conclusion to the five part epic we've come to know as...
The Family Business.
Who: I'd have thought you'd know by now!
Where: Superior Defence Laboratories
When: Five minutes later
"I knew you'd come around. Come right this way."
Not wanting to let on that he'd been bluffing, Smith sharply replied
"Im still considering leaving if these pea-shooters of yours aren't
all they're cracked up to be."
The father and son duo walked to a seemingly tiny door (next to a
ten-ton fusion generator set up alongside it) and the elder Smith
supplied a thumbprint to open it.
As the ten three-inch titanium deadbolts retracted into the wall with
that familiar hiss of escaping steam that always seems to harald the
arrival of something incredibly cool or incredibly dangerous or both,
the younger Smith managed to read the brass engraved plate affixed to
the door: Research and Developpment Lab 14-B.
As the increasingly pointless mist cleared, John could make out the
form of a long workbench with a team of twelve or more holographic
engineers (the engineers were holograms, not engineers who make
holograms) working on deadly-looking machines.
The one who looked like some sort of team leader stood up to greet
them at the door. Or rather to greet John's father at the door, as he
never once even glanced in John's direction.
"Good evening sir. What can I do for you?", inquired the leader.
"I need some weapons for John here", replied John's father, indicating
him with a head nod.
"Ah. Come with me then", murmered the leader, still refusing to adress
John directly.
The leader led them past the workbench to a large display case behind
a sheet of something that looked like glass but probably bore more in
common with a six-inch sheet of titanium alloy.
Behind the glass lay an amazing assortment of lethal-looking weaponry.
Unlocking the case with a full handprint, the leader began to pull out
various weapons and hand them to John by what appeared to be the wrong
Carefully trying to avoid particularily spiky and glowing bits John,
grunting under the weight of the weapons, stumbled over to the
workbench and dumped it all on the stainless steel surface.
The leader walked over and picked up what looked like a high-tech
gauntlet with a fold-out gatling gun and miniature rocket launcher on
the end. Forced to finally adress John, he turned towards the younger
Smith with bored distain.
"This is a hand-mounted projectile launcher. It spits out
self-propelled explosive charges at one thousand psi apiece. When the
bullet belt runs out it switches to using three heat seeking missiles.
Since your targets wont emit heat, we've modified it to seek out radio
static from their communicators."
Placing the launcher down on the table, the leader picked up a large
black handgun with numerous spikes and fins popping out from all
"This fires a concentrated beam of high energy photons. Basically a
laser, but more powerful than anything else on the market. You can
select a wide-spread beam or a tight direct shot, but remember that it
burns through batteries like crazy, so it'll only last a few minutes."
"A few minutes???"
"I suppose you could do better? Anyway thats when THESE", the leader
pressed a button on the gun's side and the spikes simultaneously
popped out and began flipping back and forth, "come in. They'll make
ground beef out of anybody dumb enough to ge in your way."
"Lastly, we have something so new it hasn't even been fully tested
yet. We planned to finish it off in a few months, but that was before
this little...situation became apparent."
They all walked down to the end of the workshop, at the very back in
front of a tall black case.
Entering a twelve digit keycode on the side, the door swung open with
a by-now expected hiss of escaping steam.
Before them stood an eight-foot tall hydraulic armoured exoskeleton.
"Groovy", murmered John.
Two hours later...
John, the leader, and John's father walked to the metal sewer entrance
in the center of the main warehouse.
"Three days ago we had an accident. An experimental breed of robotic
scorpions developped sentience and escaped into the drain. They're
designed to have a very advanced AI chip to learn and absorb
information from their environment. It's probably nothing, but a copy
of IT turned up missing yesterday."
"So your saying a hoard of impressionable robot scorpions got ahold of
a Stephen King book?!"
"Thats pretty much it."
John, armed to the teeth in his hulking metal body, lifted up the
heavey manhole cover as if it was made of paper and lowered himself
down. Turning on the headmounted floodlights, he dropped down several
meters before splashing down in a waist-deep puddle of liquified
Spotting motion in the far end of the tunnel, Smith zoomed off towards
it on legs of metallic fury.
Gatling guns and rocket launcher arms raised, John rounded the corner and saw...
Realizing that his enemy had learned all its strategy from horror
novels, Smith whipped around, and saw the form of a gigantic clown
leering a good two meters over him. Activating his computerized zoom
lens, John saw that it was composed of hundreds of tiny robotic
"Hello Buh-buh-buh...Billy-Boy!", cackled the clown.
"Sure whatever."
"What do you mean, whatever??? You're gonna FLOAT!"
"Yeah right."
Smith fully extended his arms and fired off every gun at once,
shattering the robotic clown's grimace of confusion into a thousand
peices of metallic debris.
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