The Dante Conspiracy

Who: Dante and the three "Special" Commanding Officer's
Where: Still in Dante's Office.
When: While Seymour was still sweeping the Rolls.
Dante stood at his window arms linked behind his back. He growled softly
under his breath while the bum outside was putting many brush scratches down
the side of his 20 million Dollar pound Rolls. "If he doesn't have company
Insurance I will kill him." mumbled Dante as the three CO's snuck quietly
into the office and took seats in front of the massive and impressive desk.
Dante turned his back on the bum sweeping the Rolls.
Dante turned to face the Commanding Officer's. "Good morning Colonel
Febuggure, Lt Col Keto and Col Cerebrum, Right gents as you well know. One
of my most expensive investments The Green Dwarf, which unfortunately was
Captained by one of the most incompetent assh*les I have ever meet, not my
decision, but there we go. Yes Green Dwarf was destroyed by I don't know
"Sir we believe that the Green Dwarf was destroyed by an army based at the
MacDonald's HQ. Ronald sent his army to destroy the ship in an attempt to
destroy your company."
"RONALD... RONALD BLOODY MACDONALD.... Thinks he can undermine me, Just cos
I bought out Burger King and it is now more popular than ever. BASTARD!!"
Dante picked up a knife from his desk and launched it into a picture of said
Ronald pinned to a dart board and it stuck right in his silly little red
nose. "HAVE IT!"
Dante sat back in his chair and put his feet up on the desk, he pondered
hard. "Phil I want to organise a raid with all your men on the MacDonald's
HQ and destroy any army you come in contacted with. I will accompany the SBS
and SSS in a rear party once the coast is clear. Text me when your all
ready. Dismissed."
Phil Keto and Cerebrum stood up and salute before turning round and marching
out. "I am so glad that the British Army disbanded it meant that the best
regiments went on Ebay for the highest bidder ME."
Commodus extraho
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