Wildly... (Viewpoint 1 of 4)

Who: Wildflower
Where: Medi-area
Ensign Jennifer Wildflower walked back and forth along the the
corridor outside the medibay humming a small tune to herself she'd
heard as a child. She was bored. Totally and utterly bored. The
only way she could have become more bored, was if she waxed her body
and persuaded someone to surf on her down the Great Barrier Reef (even
if it was the wrong type of bored the idea still appealed to her and
she made a mental note to put it on her next away leave roster).
She walked into the medibay and hopped up onto the only free medibed.
The one opposite her had Crewman Topaz lying on it with a sick
stomach. She'd been on a date with him last night and she'd insisted
she'd cook the food. It brought to her mind a phrase she'd been told
by her home economics teacher:
"The day you successfully cook a meal, will be the day you
successfully perform a brain transplant."
The meal should have gone fine. It really should have. She'd
performed a successful brain transplant a number of of years ago.
She'd brought Trisees and Shakespeare back. Admittedly almost a month
later it had failed and turned them into psychotic versions of
themselves that had lead to their deaths but...
She faltered and looked unhappily at her ill date.
"Sorry Topaz," she said quietly to the engorged moan of the crewman.
Next time she'd try cheese on toast over the oysters- far less to
clean up.
She hopped off the medibed to grab a syringe when she was shocked by
the entry of a surprised Pink Tree, a rather angry looking Doctor
Keto, an excitable Lawrence Trisees and a young boy she'd often seen
in the medibay that she soon recognised as Rufus Cleavage.
Wildflower stared at Keto. She smiled happily at him, getting an
angry glare in return. She'd always felt a certain odd pang in her
chest when she was around him. She'd put it down to indigestion.
"What's up guys?" she asked inquisitively.
"No time to lose!" stated Trisees bouncily. "We're planning a rescue!"
<End of viewpoint>

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