Bring Me Ointment! (Viewpoint 2 of 4)

Who: Keto
Where: Wandering
Charles Keto stood, hands on hips, mind in areas of medicine, in White
corridor sixty eight fifty three. This was one of his favourite
places on the ship, which was strange considering how much the ship
and crew seemed to annoy him.
The corridors walls were made of long thick plexiglass and behind
them lay a large aquarium filled to the brim with ebbing blue water,
bright green foliage and all manners of vividly coloured fish.
He rested his forehead against the glass and a particularly
frightening squid swam over to where his head met the transparent
barrier. It attached itself speedily to the area Keto's forehead
touched and greedily tried to feast on his face, unaware that a four
inch section of glass prevented them from coming into conact.
Keto snorted. "Silly squid," he stated and leant backwards away from
the glass. The squid, dejected at his lack of a meal swam away and
accidentally attached itself to the jaws of a shark. Keto rolled his
"Must have been related to Shakespeare," he muttered.
Keto's thoughts of complacency and calm vanished as a loud clattering
noise deafened him from behind.
"What on earth?" he said as he turned on his heel.
He gaped as he spotted a determined looking Trisees walking swiftly
towards him, Rufus Cleavage following him looking extremely worried.
"Trisees? You're awake?" he asked.
"NO TIME CHARLES!" Trisees shouted loudly, grabbing hold of the
doctors arm and dragging him away from the aquarium. "We need to get
to the medibay!"
"Why?" asked Keto, nearly concerned.
Rufus shook his head. "He won't tell me, he said something about
saving someone."
"Saving someone?" he asked himself. Keto realised who Trisees meant
and then he began to feel ill.
A few minutes later found the three of them in the medibay in front of
a very surprised looking Wildflower. Keto watched her with untrusting
eyes. He'd never liked Wildflower, she'd been ill and come in due to
a cough once almost two years ago and somehow she'd never left his
precious medibay. That moron Shakespeare had started to train her as
a surgeon and now she thought she could perform lobotomies. She was
welcome to test that out on anyone but him.
He spotted her staring and him sweetly and scowled. 'What is that
wench up to now?' he thought suspiciously.
"What's up guys?" Wildflower asked, breaking the silence.
"No time to lose!" stated Trisees bouncily. "We're planning a rescue!"

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