**Actionette** - Lets Blow This Joint

Who: Amber, John, Jack, Idwal, HymiesWhere: Alien Weapon and Blue DwarfWhen: Read the Snip~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~---- Snip ----As they rested on one of the platforms that occurred around every two hundred feet they looked down the dizzying shaft they had climbed.  Below they could hear the scrabbling of the bugs as they too laboriously climbed the ladders.
"Game little critters" observed Keats"Only because they don't know any better" said Amber adding cuttingly  "and of course they do have tiny brains, smaller even than your average man, which is to say like nano brained!" ---- End Snip ----Amber looked at the bugs climbing up the ladder and couldn't help but compare them to herself, they could be ruthless a the flick of a switch, an almost uncontrollable hate. She sighed and carried on climbing, taking her lead the others followed. Reaching the top Amber shoved the grate out of the way and crawled out into the room aiming her gun around and checking for the hostiles. With the all clear the others appeared. The Gelf pilot plugged her PDA into a nearby panel and hacked the system again, she downloaded more information and looked through the pages. The Hymies had climbed up and were skittering around the room, using their spindly legs and mandibles to manipulate the controls.   "Guys, this is the main control room for the weapon. I found out some disturbing stuff. There is another weapon, a more powerful one. It's closer to Earth....." She let the sentence hang, hoping one of the guys would pick up on the meaning behind it. Idwal's eyes open up, as if someone had turned on a light.
  "It could destroy Earth!" He exclaimed.  "Exactly. We need to blow this thing and get back to the big cyan one pronto." Amber said. It was at this point that the bugs made a series of clicking noises. There was an alien sound came over a tannoy like system.
  "Not good...." John said, arming his gun. A siren started up and the machinery clunked and whirred into life.  "Even worse..." Jack said making an exit towards the access hatch. The bugs spat acid onto the control panels and grabbed the Blue Dwarfers. They made a mad dash towards the wall, anyone in hearing distance would have heard John scream like a little girl over the sirens and monotonous alien voice. They broke through the wall and were outside the compound in very short time. The four companions were bundled onto a tiny Hymenopterra ship and the craft took off towards the Blue Dwarf. The giant weapon fired off into the cosmos and dissipated when it found no target. The compound burst into a white hot ball of flame and everything that was in the gas tunnels was incinerated. The fail safe mechanisms over-ridden nothing stopped the inferno. The fire reached the power core of the compound and the complex and yet another huge explosion burst into existence the shock wave chased the bug ship and rocked it mercilessly. The sensors on the Blue Dwarf recorded the explosion and all eyes suddenly became aware of the flaming wreckage.

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