Of Frying pans and Fire

Of Frying pans and Fire
Who:Idwal Everrett Enigmatic Engineer John Keats  Plotless PilotQuilibet Matyristic MagJack Febuggre Saucey SoldierAmber Keats Relieved Rogue

WhereHymenopterra ship
 The four companions were bundled onto a tiny Hymenopterra ship and the craft took off towards the Blue Dwarf. The giant weapon fired off into the cosmos and dissipated when it found no target. The compound burst into a white hot ball of flame and everything that was in the gas tunnels was incinerated. The fail safe mechanisms over-ridden nothing stopped the inferno. The fire reached the power core of the compound and the complex and yet another huge explosion burst into existence the shock wave chased the bug ship and rocked it mercilessly. The sensors on the Blue Dwarf recorded the explosion and all eyes suddenly became aware of the flaming wreckage
"Well if anyone still thought we were still alive they won't now" observed Keats, "No one will think we made it onto a bugs craft"
"We aim to surprise" said Jack
Idwal kept quiet. The small craft wasn't built for many passengers and the passengers it was built for were insectoid.  Idwal was crushed up in a corner with several doubtful knobs and levers digging into various, delicate,  parts of his anatomy.  Added to that one of the bugs was close enough so that its breathing vents delivered a regular pulse of sour air that had Idwal wishing he had some of Dr Wupits world renowned Bug Masher powder somewhere to hand.
Eventually Amber announced "We're docking!" and Idwal felt the ship shudder and jolt as the landing chocks locked on.  The air hissed as the doors opened and the intrepid party stumbled out
"Home sweet home!" announced Jack
"Anyone for a swift one down at Parrots?" asked Keats
"Don't you think it looks a little ...er...different around here?" said Idwal pointing at the carnage left strewn about by the recent struggles against the black invaders
The group focussed on the now obvious signs of a struggle
"Bollocks!" said Jack in an exasperated tone
"I suppose the visit to Parrots is off then?" queried Keats
"Oh no!" said Amber grimly "Thats just where we're headed. Co's look!  that slime trail leads in that very direction!"  

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