Re: SOTM - April.... and now May!

A very good choice if i do say so myself! I'd like to thank myself,
and myself, and none of the BlueDwarf lot because they're all
useless bastards
Actually I'm shocked and honoured Sean, thankyou for the award, I
really thought Jenny or Wowbagger would snatch it away!
So I guess its my choice for May's SOTM. After looking back through
the posts I was impressed by one very good newcomer. The award goes
to my favourite Mining Engineer Idwal Everrett!
Well done buddy! I look forward to many more good posts :-)
--- In, "Corn Pylon" <sean@s...>
> Well, I spent a good deal of time reading, and looking, and
> evaluating. It certainly was difficult to choose because the
level of
> posting was so consistently high.
> We had relationships, fights, the hymonoptera and missions aboard
> Event Horizon. All in all, it was fairly action pactioned and made
> the choice tough.
> But then, personally, I love months like those.
> I would like to say that Adam as Wowbagger was brilliant -
bringing a
> nice new dynamic to our medical department, and Cassy as Jenny
> some great spice to stir things up in our former captain's life.
> was very close between you two and our winner. Keep up the great
> This leads me neatly onto the poster who kept me enthralled the
> with multiple character lines throughout the whole month - bringing
> some great characterisation to Niples and Efof, as well as some
> splitting humour.
> If you've not worked it out yet, SOTM for April is: David Ball -
> magnificent Onion.

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