Efof + Mk7 "A question of thrust"

Who: Efof and MK7
Where: On top of a flying Blue Midget on a random planet
When: After last post
The long pause was finally broken by Mk.7 and Efof looking at each
other, and erupted into air-guitar and dancing, oblivious to such
things as the oasis of naked beautiful co-eds and vast fields of
chocolate they were passing, constantly being pursued by the
horribly beweaponed robot.
<end snip>
Efof knelt down to bring his air-guitar solo to a crecendo, as MK7
jumped around behind him providing the motions to the base tune.
The Blue Midget continued at a constant speed at a constant
altitude, but soon the altitude was going to change.
Efof closed his eyes to imagine the invisible crowd praise him on
his playing, then opened them and wasn't prepared for cliff they
were just about to go over.
The Blue Midget nose-dived over a sharp cliff, the retro-engines not
powerful enough to keep the ship that far away from the ground.
Efof felt the ship slipping away from underneath him as they fell.
He screamed and tried to grab hold of the Blue Midget's shiny hull.
Mk7 was lighter so didn't fall as fast, so Efof had to grab him as
he fell past.
"This is bad!" Efof said.
"Very bad." Said MK7, bracing for impact on the ground below.
"Well at least we got rid of the robot!" They both looked up to see
the robot peering over the edge at them.
Instead of crashing nose-first into the ground however, the Blue
Midget's ABS brakes finally kicked in (antigrav braking system) and
stopped the ship dead in the air, where it slowly floated into the
upright position.
Efof and MK7's bodies slammed into the back of the ship, MK7 landing
head-first in the afterburner, and Efof narrowly missed being
penetrated by the exhaust-pipe.
Efof rolled to the ground and contemplated the next move. The robot
above scuffled near the cliff edge, causing rubble to drip down on
top of them.
"He's not giving up easily!" Said the Ffionian. MK7 pulled himself
out of the engines, wearing a heatshield like a hat.
Efof noticed two large logs on the floor, one long and thin, another
short and thick, and quickly formulated a plan.
"I know how we can get into orbit. We just need a bit of thrust
"Yeah?" Said MK7.
Efof pulled the long log over the larger one, and pushed one end
underneath the floating `Midget. He then looked up at the robot
"MK7, get me a bazukoids."
"Easy!" MK7 said happily, and one popped out of his metal body.
"That'll do. Just aim for the ground underneath that robot up there."
MK7 shot the cliff edge and the robot fell towards the log catapult
Efof had just built.
"Now get in!" Efof and Mk7 jumped into the small craft, just as the
robot hit one side of the log- thrusting the `Midget into the air.
Efof engaged thrusters straight away and used the momentum to carry
them into orbit.
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