**Actionette** "Mother duck's protection"

The distortion passed them and Efof slammed the Flying Circus's
brakes on, the mutant ship was directly in front of them, cutting
them up.
"They just passed straight through us!" said MK7.
"I'm turning around, going back towards the planet. Maybe we can
loose them over the landscape."
"But what if we crash, there's no atmosphere! It's just rock!"
"Yeah I know, and that should only worry me, you don't even need
oxygen!" said Efof.
The small Blue Midget headed towards the big hollow rock that the
mutants used as their base, it's injured leg flapping behind it.
<end snip>
Who: Efof and MK7
Where: In the "Flying Circus"
When: As they are being chased to the planetoid's surface
Efof steered the 'Flying Circus' over and around the largest
mountain on the barren planetoid. The surface was bare rock, cold,
solid and dusty.
Two small mutant Anti-noptera ships pursued them, gaining speed
fast. Efof thought he could shake them by dropping into a deep
canyon, but the ships merely phased out of reality and passed
effortlessly through the obstacles, effectively taking a shortcut
and gaining on them.
"Its no good!" Said MK7, "We can't loose them in a landscape that
they can just pass straight through!"
They flew over some flat ground, the ships behind started firing
dangerous vollies of torpedoes. Efof dodged most of them by barell
rolling. The shots thudded into the ground, spraying up dirt and
small rocks.
"Who'd have thought that this barren rock is their hiding-place?"
Said MK7.
"Yeah I'm betting theres probably hundreds of ships hiding right
inside this planet." Said Efof.
Mk7 jumped up onto the dashboard again and stared head through the
window. "I believe you... and it looks like theres about a hundred
coming out of hiding!!!"
Dosens of ghostly enthreal ships slowly emerged out of the ground,
looking like an army of ghosts raising up out of a graveyard at
once. The ships were not much bigger than the Blue Midget they were
in, but the sheer number was amazing.
"Holy zarquon! We're in trouble now!" Said Efof.
"No look, they're not after us- they're heading back up into
space... but what for?"
Efof punched up the long-range scanner display, he could see the
Blue Dwarf entering the system, hundreds of miles above them.
"Its the Blue Dwarf! They're here to rescue us!"
"Then lets get back up into space where they can protect us."
They flew back into orbit, following the ghostly fleet.
The Blue Dwarf slowly and majestically sailed above them, physically
shielding them from the might of the genetic mutant's fleet,
although with this enemy this made no difference- but the gesture
was there, the Blue Dwarf was the mother duck, taking them under her
wing for protection.
Along the full length of the 'Dwarf's hull, the turrets were fully
visible. Each one manned by a trained marksman or security officer,
firing at the attacking fleet.
"I never knew the Blue Dwarf had so many guns!" Said Efof. "It's
almost a warship."
"Installed to defend against Hymenoptera," Said MK7. "Its funny that
the first time we properly use them we're actually working WITH the
The turrets fired a constant barrage of flak, small shells that
exploded near to the ghostly ships. Most of the anti-noptera were
quick enough to cloak and decloak at the rioght times as to not be
effected by the weapons fire, but the BD was firing so many that
occasionally it did catch a ship, which exploded in a bizarre series
of colours that ranged from purple and continued into the ultra-
Efof circled the Dwarf, finding it hard to avoid the flak himself.
Despite the obvious facts that they were in space, and the ultra-
viloet explosions- the scene looked like a World War II air battle.
"Its still not enough, they're flying straight through the weapons
fire." Said Efof. "There must be something else we can do?"
MK7 thought for a second, his cylon-styled electronic eye was
replaced by a windows 98 egg-timer.
"Well the ANti-noptera that came aboard were fought off because we
could use electricity against them... isn't that right?"
"Yeah a strong electric current caused them to loose their ability
to cloak."
"Can we use that somehow?" said Mk7, trying to work out a plan.
<MK7 or Anybody want to develop a plan? Tag to anyone!!! I'll be on
holiday for a week so take this in any direction you want>

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