This is fun...

Jack sat in the back of the bugs cockpit, at the weapons console, a
hymenoptera bug next to him, trying to take control. Jack gave it an
ugly stare, and it backed away, leaving the JMC security officer to
his job.
Missiles flew left right and centre from the starbug, hitting
electrified anti-noptera all over the place. jays expert piloting
skills left the anti noptera wondering what had happened, while
missiles hit them from behind and tore through them.
"Jay, go for the planet, we need to land and take out this cannon
thing!" Jack said, as Jay weaved from the surface back into the fray.
It was obvious he was enjoying it... possibly a bit too much.
Jay ignored him...
"JAY!" jack yelled, snapping Jay out of the zone for a second. "land
the ship, i wanna go in and take out this cannon" he said, picking up
a tesla cannon, and letting a bug take control of the weapons.
Jack filled his backpack with explosive charges, and radio'd to others
in the area to land with him, to help take them out.
The bug landed roughly, though near to an entrance. Jack leapt out in
a space suit, and looked for anyone else that might have wanted to
join in the fun.

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