shoot to kill

Who: Alota
A small panel opened in the centre of the vessel, and a bright blue lightglowed, getting brighter and brighter until a beam of energy burst from it,blasting the starbug's engine section and sending it hurtling off."Consider that a can go back to your ship but you better tellAlota, and indeed every space corp's commander, that anyone who tries tocross me again will be destroyed.<End Snip>
Alota had already heard, tapping into communications was always an easy way of finding out who was being a smeg, also finding out how to blackmail people for futher rank gaining, all the elite officers could do it, it was a privalage handed down from space commander to space commander, and FRED, the maintanence droid that had accidently over heard it and  was now space commander of some distant planetoid.
She was not best impressed, she looked at her wedding ring, Jay's soul was hers, by right. Looking at the command deck she knew what she had to do. Heading towards the shuttle bay (having convineantly jumped into a closet and changed into civillian clothes ala superman style) she found the one hidden shuttle that hadn't been taken/annihalated/comatosed or scrapped because Dean flew it. 
Very very carefully she headed out alone to the last known co-ordinates of the Hymenoptera vessel carrying Jay 'theohhe'ssogoingtobesleepingonacouchonthefutherestplanetinthesolarsystem' Chrysler.  She had held a full pilots license but rarely used it because well she had other people to do it.
A thin beam of energy fired from the weapons array of the immensespacecraft. The planet below, cracked like an egg, lava bubbled up throughthe cracks and seconds later, the planet tore itself apart, sending chunksof rock rocketing off into space.
<End Snip>
She watched as the planet pieces drifted off, 'MAn this is so going to mess with time' she thought, the Hymenoptera ship disappeared leaving the stranded starbug spinning and doing random floating things.  Speeding up so she was close next to the ship setting up a auxillary communication channel she contacted the stranded occupants.
"One Captain, in search of crew in a hunt to capture possible kill Lt Cmdr Chrysler mission, care to join?"

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