*ACTION* Boarding party

Who:- Alota, Jack, Chris.
When:- About a week after Jay destroyed Plebe.
Alota gazed forlorny out of the porthole of the starbug. Jack and Chris had
come aboard, and were now scanning nearby sectors for the Hymenopteran
flagship. This sector was had been incredibly busy for the past week,
rescue parties from the Space Corp amongst other organisations shuttling in
and out in the hopes that had been some survivors. But predictably, when a
planet is blown apart from the inside out, there were none.
"Admiral Connors" she said, in response, to a comment made on the long-range
commsystem as she watched a large piece of planetary debris float passed, as
a tear rolled down her cheek. "I assure you my releationship with Jay will
NOT prevent me from doing my job, I'm bringing him in to face justice and if
capture proves impossible...I won't hesitate to kill him"
"It's easy enough to say now Captain, but you've been married to the man for
nearly three years. You may find it harder than you think to confront him
when you come face to face"
"Admiral...trust me...you know the old adage, hell hath no fury"
"Like a woman scorned I know, just be careful Alota."
"Noted, thanks for your concern I.."
She was interuppted by Harris' voice over the internal comm.
"Captain, we've found him"
"Thanks Chris..Admiral if you'll excuse me." She ran out of the room and
into the Starbug's cockpit, placing one hand on Chris' chair and another on
Jack's she leant over to look at the navi-com.
"Good work guys...send a message to the Blue Dwarf and the Raven...have them
rendevous at these coordinates..."
Chris nodded, "They'll be about 4 hours, What about us?"
"The Dwarf, and Raven will be our back up....we are going in to get
Jay...set an intercept course.."
Jack nodded, "we'll be there in about an hour...."
****An hour later, aboard the Hymenopteran flagship****
Jay looked up. He didn't like being interuppted.
"What is it?" he thought, communicating telpathically with the hive. "Can
you not see I am BUSY?!"
He stared back at himself in the mirror, shaving his face with the katana he
now carried everywhere.
"We HaVe CoMpAnY" came the Hive's response "A bLuE dWaRf ShUtTlE, hAs JuSt
DrOpPeD oUt Of HyPeRsPaCe AnD tHe BlUe DwArF iTsElF iS oN cOuRsE tO
"When the 'Dwarf gets here...board them, strip all their resources and kill
the personell...as for the shuttle blow them out of the sky, I've given
enough warnings."
"ThE sHuTtLe Is DoCkInG wItH uS sIr" the hive said "We HaVe SeNt A gRoUp Of
SoLdIeR aNtS tO iNtErCePt ThEm"
"No...leave them to me..." Jay replied.
He dashed out of his quarters, drawing his katana, and grabbing another from
the wall. He ran to the docking bay.
***Docking Bay***
"Ok, lets split up..." said Alota, "It will be harder for us to be detected"
Chris and Jack nodded, arming themselves.
Jack took the left exit. Alota and Chris broke off to the right.
Jack strolled along the corridor his rifle in hand.
"You don't know how long I've waited for this Cyclops..." came Jay's voice,
Jack then quickly dodged as a Katana came flying from the shadows and lodged
itself in the wall inches from Jacks head.
"You were a coward...so you gave up the sword...the elegant, graceful art of
the sword...." Jay said "And that...shall be your undoing..."
Jay launcehd himself at Jack, his sword held high above his head.
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peeps....if you fancy a bit of combat>

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