Wow, I would like to thank all those who made this possible, who I
guess was really just myself and Andy, but thems the breaks. Well, I
spose this means i gotta find a SOTM for August. nice to see were
catching up. And now i will be searching through August's posts.
Thankyou all again for this most prestigious award.
p.s. I went bright red when i read this :P
--- In, "Andy Longman"
<sirlagerlot@d...> wrote:
> Ladies and Gentlemen
> The honour has befallen me to announce the winner of July's simmer
of the
> month.
> It wasn't wasy, as to be fair, July was a quiet month with only 46
> atleast 10 of which were OOC...thanks for letting us know you were
going to
> Turkey Chris.
> I was half tempted to give it to Phil for his single truly bizarre
> Then decided, the person who really deserves it is....
> Reuben! For his portrayal of a demented scutter Mk6/ 7....
> Congrats Reuben, go pick august....

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