Pregnancy to the Power of Four

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Who: Tara, JennyWhen: depends on who's perspective here...Where: medibay maybe?
Sat in the medibay, (told you it was the medibay) on one of the large beds, Jenny Bond, supposedly recently pregnant, was now looking rather larger than usual, though didn't look shocked by it in the slightest.  "Keto, isn't it about time for my check-up? Is there anyone available?" she asked, as Keto stormed back and forth across the medibay, arguing with a large, pink piece of foliage.  "If that useless excuse for a deputy was here she would do it." Keto grumbled "Useless as Wildflower." It was at this point that Nurse Tara FeBuggure entered the Medi-Bay.  "Sorry i'm slightly late Jenny..... Shut up Keto don't even start." She added as she started prepping up the things she needed.  "What?!... How dare?!...." Keto exploded angrily. The tree backed up into it's corner and shook it's leaves in defence.
  "Its ok" Jenny said, smiling at Keto's reaction.  She hadn't been on the ship for long, and was still getting used to peoples reactions, but tried to keep it hidden, knowing something like that would probably make things difficult for her in future.  She lay back on the bed, and sighed deeply. Tara picked up the Ultrasound scanner and ran it over Jenny's abdomen. She made a strange sound that was the audible version of '!'   "That can't be right.... It can't be..... How many months were you at your last check up Jenny?" Tara asked.  "Well, it has been a while... I think that was just the one month" she said, looking at the scanner, and smiling.  "Wow..." she said, and sighed again, happily this time.  Thoughts ran through her head of the father, and she hid a shudder expertly, thinking how she was going to raise a kid on the Blue Dwarf alone. There was no way she'd let.... him..... get anywhere near her child. Tara swallowed and wondered how to break it to Jenny.   "You are as bad as me. You are now five months pregnant." Tara said "Don't as me how it happened. I have no idea, i'd need to run more tests. You weren't involved with a GELF, or part GELF were you? Or someone who had undergone any kind of genetic therapy?" Tara was reminded of her own short pregnancy and smiled at the thought of the twins. Jenny sat there, looking at the scans, though she was confused at Tara's question.  "Sorry?" she asked, "what do you mean? It has been five months now." She said, though feeling slightly unsure of herself because of Tara's question.  "Hasn't it?" She looked at the scan screen again, though memories of the last four months evaded her, she was sure, somehow, that they had existed.  "Jenny, your last scan was less than two weeks ago...." Tara said showing her the medical record. Jenny's eyes glazed over, she stared at the date of the last scan, then at her watch, which showed the date.  Then she handed her watch over to Tara.  "Why would I change the date on my watch?" she asked, pointing out that her watch said it was indeed 4 months since her last scan. "I'm confused." She said. "How long were we off the ship?" she asked.  Holly appeared, and confirmed Tara's point. "Holy smeg..." Jenny said.  "I just lost four months of my life."  "I wonder if Trisees is ok." Tara mused. Thinking how much she'd really quite like it if something nasty happened to the scientist. The comm on the wall bleeped.  "Mum.... You need to get down here, Lawrence is..... Well.... Just come down here....." Rufus said. He looked pale.
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