OOC - Re: Weapons and Pills & IC post.

Damnit why do my messages only bounce when they're needed!
Already stated in a post I sent earlier (but hasnt appeared yet!)I
want to apologise to everyone, I did approve Callum's post as I
thought it was a good idea to show that Alota had mixed feelings, as
Callum already stated. I didnt realise it would show Alota out of
character, and in my view it hasnt really, as it was only a dream.
Callum did the right thing last night by asking me if he could go
ahead with his idea, and i encouraged him, so I take responsability
for the storyline screw-up!
I dont think this will be hard to work around, just assume that
Alota is confused due to such a stressful situation, like Callum
said, she'd be in two minds whether to want him back or to hurt him
I've created a new topic in parrotts here:http://www.bluedwarf.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?p=987#987
Post on the forum to keep this out of the story!
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