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"Do you think I have even the slightest concern for her life?" Jay said, his
voice low and menacing.
It was clear he had had enough of Harris.
"But who would direct your assault fleet's without her eh? Fat chance of
conquering earth without her!"
" warriors have enough traces of my own piloting skills in the
hive to be able to hold their own, while it's an advantage having a skilled
pilot there giving first hand leadership, she's expendable....besides.."
"Besides what?"
"You don't have it in you to kill're a coward, guided by your
ethics and your morals. Amber's done nothing to harm you, therefore you
won't harm a hair on her head."
"Oh yeah?" Said Chris, pressing the blade harder against her throat.
"Yes. You're bluffing.." Jay said
"Sure you wanna take that chance?" Chris asked as Jay stepped forward. Amber
didn't seem fazed by the blade on her throat whatsoever.
Jay turned his back on Chris.
"I told you..." he said, and turned back, this time a handgun pointed square
at Chris's head "She hold's no concern to me.."
He fired, hitting Chris in the chest, sending him toppling backwards into a
"You should have killed him..." Amber said, noticing Chris was wearing his
armour as the Hymenopteran guards dragged him off to the brig, meaning he
had clearly survived.
Jay didn't understand, it HAD been his intention to kill him..but for some
reason he felt compelled to aim lower at the last second instead of plunging
a bullet into his head.
Jay holstered his weapon and looked at Amber.
"I decide what I should and should not do...remember that."
He walked back up the steps and took his chair in the centre of the bridge..
"Get ready to defend the flagship" he said to Amber "The Space Corp won't
sit back and watch me destroy their planet..."
He was interuppted by a mental message from the hive..
"WHAT?" He said suddenly standing up.
"What is it?" Amber asked
"The SPace Corp have installed and activated a level 10 defence field around
"So?" Amber snubbed.
"You don't understand, when we triggered their early warning systems, the
field was activated... and not only that, the field itself is surrounded by
automatic weapons platforms..which, unless I have greatly overestimated the
Space Corp's resourcefulness they'll be alcohol cannons...lethal to the
hymenoptera and our ships..."
"You didn't prepare for this?"
"Yes. But according to our scans they've vastly upgraded it and is now
impossible to penetrate with our firepower......"
"So what do we do?"
"We'll need a space corps captain...they hold the codes to deactivate the
field to allow their own ships to pass in and out..."
Jay turned to one of his Hymenoptera leiutenants. "Bring me....Alota
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"I thought you'd be more entertaining than this Harris, I really did...ah
well.." he shrugged "I've got work to do anyway."
He raised the sword up over his head.
"Lights out..." He brought the blade down sharply...
<end snip>
Chris swung his GunBlade at Jay's katana, preventing it from making him a
permanent feature of the hymentoptera's bridge floor. He kicked Jay hard in
the shin. Jay grimaced before aiming a swipe of his katana at Chris' neck,
attempting to sever Chris' head from his body.
Chris was quick to react and he brought his GunBlade up and protecting his
life for a few moments longer.
"Not today Chrysler, Not today" he said quickly, gritting his teeth as he
ducked and blocking two more attacks from Jay.
"Give up already" said Jay in a fierce tone, "your fighting for a lost
"You wish" said Chris, knocking Jay back and blocking several more attacks
before starting an onslaught of his own, all of his attacks being parryed.
Finally, the tables turned as Chris finally had a stroke of luck, he kicked
the katana out of Jay's hand and gave him an evil smile. He had just raised
his GunBlade to finish off the job before he felt a sharp pain in his back.
He fell onto his knees as a small knife wound caused by a hymenoptera
warrior began to ooze blood.
"Nobody said this was a tag team!" said Chris angrily as he turned around
and dissected the bug into smaller pieces than what was left after CK cooked
a fry up.
Chris turned back to Jay, who, he was disappointed to see, had retrieved his
GunBlade and was waving it around angrily, as though somebody had spolied
his fun. He glared at Jay briefly before edging away slowly, towards the
centre of the hymenoptera bridge. He swiftly maneauvered himself into
position while still keeping an eye on Jay and whipped around, Seizing Amber
and placing his GunBlade at her throat.
"Move..." he said, breathing heavily, although the blood loss having
somewhat lessened now, "...and she dies" he finished
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