The things that people will do to stay alive

Who: Chris
When: Several hours after he was dragged to the brig
Where: The brig on the hymenoptera flagship
"You should have killed him..." Amber said, noticing Chris was wearing his
armour as the Hymenopteran guards dragged him off to the brig, meaning he
had clearly survived.
<end snip>
Chris awoke after several hours of painful sleep in the brig of the
hymenoptera flag ship. He sat up in his small cramped cell and looked
around. His cell had only been assigned one guard, evidently Jay considered
him a pushover after their short duel. Chris was thankful of this.
Unfortunately, Chris had not eaten since he had left the Dwarf, about three
days prior to this and there was no way he was going to escape unless he had
something to eat. Regardless of this, he was going to try anyway. He saw a
small air vent in the corner of his cell, only just big enough for him to
fit into. He took the panel off and peered inside, still completely
unnoticed by his sleeping guard.
After peering inside the air vent he pulled his head out promptly, having
seen something very few had probably seen before. He shoved his hand back
in, and pulled out what could only be described as larrge housefly. It
looked about the size of a piglett, with the usual expressionless eyes, a
black body and translucent wings.
He went back and sat against the wall, wondering just how many more
stranglely bizarre and mutated creatures, dead or otherwise that he might
find lurking down the air vent if he ventured down it as a means of escape.
His stomach rumbled loudly as he sat wondering what he was going to do. He
stared aimlessly at the housefly as his stomach rumbled again.
"No...just no" he said to himself, dismissing the oversized housefly as
something to eat before trying to escape. He leant forward and examined the
housefly a little more. He shuddered briefly at the thought of carving a
roast housefly for a sunday lunch before pulling it closer towards him.
In the end he decided that, if he didnt eat something, then there was no way
he was going to have a successful escape. He shuddered again as he drew his
GunBlade from its sheath, which for some reason Jay had decided not that
have confiscated from him. He looked on in disgust as he cut a leg the size
of a human adults arm from the oversized monster. He picked the leg up by
the horribly disformed foot, and the look on his face turned to a look of
utter terror as he stood contemplating what he was about to do. He gradually
closed moved the raw leg of fly-meat closer to his mouth. He closed his eyes
as he took a bite. His face screwed up as he chewed on the piece of meat. He
grabbed on to one of the bars of his cell tightly as he swallowed. A look of
utter disgust appeared on his face.
"Remind me, NEVER, to do that again" he said quietly to himself. He decided
not to venture down the air vent, for fear of being compelled to much on
something equally unfathomable on everything but a Macdonalds menu. He
instead formulated a better plan. He rammed his GunBlade in between the
outer armour of the insectoid shell of the hymenoptera warrior that had been
sent to guard him, giving a small yelp as it toppled to the ground. He
quickly hooked the end of his GunBlade around the keys which lay on the
chair that the warrior had been sitting on. He unlocked the door and moved
quickly and quietly towards the shuttlebay, pausing only before he left the
room in which his cell was to mimic a Millwall supporter and piss on the
dead warrior.
When he reached the shuttlebay after several wrong turns and diversions due
to roadworks, he found a small hymenoptera shuttle which looked heavily
battered, but still usble. He entered it, pressed a few random buttons and
the ship came to life, leaving the shuttlebay empty as the other ships had
left long prior to this to attack the dwarf, unknown to Chris.
When he reached the Blue Dwarf, he saw thousands of hymenoptera entering the
main section of the ship through the Hangar bay, it seemed that the defenses
had been pushed back a lot as the last remaining hymeoptera warriors left
the hangar bay. Chris knew that there was no way he could take on that many
by himself. So he quickly got out of his battered shuttle and found the air
vent which led to parrotts. Knowing that they wouldn't have reached parrotts
yet, even with an army of this size, he began steadily climbing, ememrging
in the middle of parotts bar several minutes later.
<tag anyone in parrotts>
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