Into the Darkness - Part Three

Who: Amber, Keats, Security Guards. Where: Amber's Mind, The Brig, Courtroom.  When: After my Last Post and During Scrappy Races ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ---- Snip ----  "Now
we both know THAT'S not true. Hive minds have an advantage, agreed, but
there's no individualism, no identifier, int he hive, your no different
to the drones that we wipe of our windshields, but back home, on the
Dwarf, you are a respected individual, with responsibility and friends."   "Aye, respected so much they lock me in the Brig." Amber countered.  
"Its because they respect you they lock you up" This puzzled John as
well. "They don't want you to go any lower, they cant bare to see you
dig any deeper into the hole you seem to find comforting. They do it
because they care."  "Do you care?" Amber said with a distinct edge of the old Amber to her voice. ---- End Snip ----
The security guards who had drawn the two shortest straws walked up to
the cell with the growling Amber inside. She still had her chains on
from before, and the bruises still hadn't faded completely.    "Hey Amber, it's time."  One said and opened the door.  
"Bring it on boys. Jail time wont stop me or the Hymenopterra. I'll get
you all when I get out. No bars will keep me for long." She said and
spat in his face.   "Now now Miss Keats, that's not right
and proper ladylike is it?" The second said, knocking her unconscious
and poking her with his foot to make sure.   "That went easier than I expected. She's not struggling as much..." His mate said and unlocked her chains. --- Meanwhile, In Amber's Mind ---  "Do
I care?" John was physically shocked. "My dear, of course I care..." He
twiddled his fingers around a small folded piece of paper in his
pocket, the bulge inside said paper weighed heavily. "I never felt
closer to anyone than with you I can be myself... that's what kept me
sane, even with Phil on my back, I couldn't take the easy way out
because... well... you know"  "Know what? All that fluffy
bunny love smeg?" Amber made a derisive noise and turned her back on
Keats. "Your problem is you don't understand. This thing in me is gonna
kill me, there is no point."    "Its gonna kill
you huh?" John looked straight at her. "You... your a veteran of space
battles that make Dan dare look sissy, you've built up more hours in
the firing range than most of the security grunts and can arm wrestle
the best of them, and you... YOU will be overcome by some glorified
stomach bug?" John laughed "Please, I'm sure the women I married is
stronger than THAT!" The world crumpled slightly and a wave of blue
seemed to tint everything.  "I've tried beating it. My
nano's can't do it on their own. I just don't know what to do. I know
I've lost to it. I can feel what's going on around me outside of this
world in my head" Amber sighed and her shoulders sagged. John took a
step or two closer and started to raise his arm in comfort, but stooped
and sighed.  "Look admitting defeat is the first step to
BEING defeated..." He gripped his hand by his side, he wasn't very good
at this kind of thing, he took a step closer, grabbed her and gave a
long, drawn out kiss they use in dodgy movies. "There, I'm sorry, but
that needed to be said" He kicked himself, he was possibly the least
romantic person since the lead singer of U2. Amber looked blank for a
moment, as if there was nobody in. Then suddenly, it was like a light
went on in her head and colour flooded back into the world.  "I...
I remember..... Blue Dwarf... Everything I have done, yet you still
love me?" She flung her arms around him and hugged him. All too soon
though, he faded out of her mind and back into the real world, and
Amber was left alone in the colourful sanctuary. Her nano's now on the
last stretch of the journey, the tide had turned and they were winning.John,
being forcibly ejected out of Amber's inner Id, woke with a start. He
looked around the room, it was quiet and lonely. He'd been subject to
his own mind before, and knew it was never a pretty site.  "Crazy
bint..." he muttered and smiled warmly. Deep down, he knew he loved
her, something he hadn't felt for a long time. He lit a fresh dog end,
coughed bitterly and staggered into the shower. Amber gazed
around the courtroom. She was suited up in the purple prison suit,
chained hand and foot together and locked down to the chair in the dock.   "We bring forwards the case of the JMC versus Amber Keats."   "You're going down for a long time" The prosecution hissed at her.    "I'll rip your face of if you come any closer." She hissed back.<To Be Continued>
OOC - Feel free to walk in on the trial and shout abuse at Amber if you ant something to do ;)

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