The Return

Who: Benjen, MK7, Efof, Chris, and Dean
Where: Hanger bay
When: After the Starbug escape
Dean came to meet them and give the Shuttle a once-over. "Successful
mission guys?"
"I'm blind, I'm blind!" said Efof stumbling out of the shuttle.
"Hello Dean I - " Chris fell out of the shuttle and hit the ground
with a nasty sounding snap. He got up happily though.
"Chris… have you just… broken your arm?" said Dean.
"Oh yeah…. Look at that, its all floppy." His arm swung loosely and he
moved it side to side.
"Doesn't it hurt?"
"Oh, no, I'll explain later."
Jack, Benjen and Mk7 got off last.
"Anything happened while we were gone?"
"Not really. Jay started up a reality TV show competition about new
hopeful pilots. He's called it the `X-wing Factor'"
<end snip>
Ben stepped down and looked around the hanger. The stinky smell of
the beast was still on his clothes and he wanted to puke. As MK7
conversed with Dean and Efof and Chris having problems with their
senses, Ben nodded and thought to himself, 'what a crazy a$$ crew'.
However tough the mission was he still enjoyed in spite of everything.
Now he wanted to rest, get cleaned, and half a beer before his next
shift in security. MK7 seemed to be a 'strange' boss but he'd liked
him and thought they would get along well eventually.
"Ben are you heading down to security?" asked MK7, interrupting Ben's
"Ehh...actually I wanted to wash up and have a beer, but it can wait
if needed - but I doubt anyone would like to be near me with this
MK7 grinned, "Get cleaned up and I'll see you later, I gotta take
Chris and Efof down to medical to see if they can help with their
Ben nodded, "Sounds good, I'll be in security in a few hours."
MK7 and Dean lead Chris and Efof out of the hanger and Ben headed
toward the other exit towards his small stuffy quarters. Well, the
day was still young - he wondered what else could happen today.
<<short but sweet...anyone up for JL? Maybe the beast attacks and we
need to hunt it down...let me know..peace>>
--Benjen Stark

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