*Insert obscure title here involving the word 'Loot'*

Who: Mk.7 and Benjen
Where: Lots of places
When: About............. NOW!
Mk.7 exited the medibay with Dean, who dissapeared around a corner.
They had decided they may as well leave Keto and his
very... 'talented' medical team to perform their evil magics upon
Chris and Efof.
"Poor smeggers. I have a funny feeling I'm never going to see them
again. Not particlularly a bad funny feeling, just funny." thought
Mk.7 to himself, before walking towards security.
Benjen walked through the blanket of steam that was relesed when he
exited the shower, and stubbed his toe on the corner of his bed.
He began to search for his clothes, but couldn't find them. he also
noticed there were lot's of things of his that weren't immediatly
apparent and as the steam cleared he noticed his room resembled a
crime scene. Not wanting to be late, he decided there was nothing to
do but keep his appointment, and so stepped out into the corridor
wearing nothing but a towel around his waist.
A short while later:
Mk.7 leant up against a vending machine that looked slightly out of
place in the military grey security room. The security team had
lobbied for it in exchange for their health benefits, figuring that
most wouldn't survive long enough to use them.
He looked up as Benjen entered the room, blushing ever so slightly,
with the sound of giggling women coming from behind him.
"Well, I've heard of keeping an appointment, but you could have put
some clothes on at least." said Mk.7, wishing he were a bit taller,
so he didn't have to see up Benjen's towel.
"Suddenly the movie 'Spaceballs' comes to mind"
"Sorry, but I think someone broke into my room and stole some of my
stuff" said Benjen standing awkwardly as to conceal as much as
"Mmm, well that is half the reason we're here. Now that the JMC is
gone, everyone is going crazy 'cause now there is no one to fill out
our pay-cheques. Half the crew are going around stealing everything
that isn't bolted down, and the other half are crouching in their
quarters with baseball bats ready to mame whomesoever tries to steal
their stuff." explained Mk.7
"So what are we going to do?" asked Benjen, half knowing what he was
going to say
"We're heading into the thick of it. Every shop in the promenade is
being looted. We gotta stop them." said Mk.7 as he threw Benjen a
massive gun that appeared to come from nowhere
"Do you think we'll have to resort to violence?"
"Only if we're lucky"
A short jog later:
Benjen and Mk.7 stealthily crept around a corner and entered the
promenade. They could have lept in screaming, guns blazing for what
it was worth, since either way, the mob of looters would have paid
no attention. They tried firing some warning shots, but it simply
broke the windows of some slightly more fortified shops, resulting
in a breif frenzy as some of the croud swarmed in.
It was then that Benjen noticed something that looked familiar.
"Hey! That guy is wearing my clothes!" yelled Benjen and lunged at
the guy, causing him to fall to the floor, and Ben jumped on top of
But this guy wasn't going without a fight. He shoved Benjen off, and
when he got up, the guy swung his leg around, whipping Bens legs out
from under him, and causing him to lose his towel. It was at that
moment the Hyper-Dod... montster thing, decided to burst through an
emergency exit that happened to lead towards a cargo bay in which
was now contained a very smelly, scared and feelingless Seymour. The
monster looked around and grabbed a person at random, before sucking
their hearing out of them in a fit of bad special effects.
Mk.7 sighed.
"Must be a Thursday..."

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