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Character Name: Jessie Carter
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Nationality: Titanian
Department: security
Job Title: The job belonging to whoever just died
Physical Appearance
Short, with shoulder-length light-brown hair and green eyes. Nose
slightly larger than average. Badly-healed scars on left leg, walks
with a slight limp. Always has at least one concealed weapon
Personality and Interests
Touchy and short-tempered, does not tolerate jokes about noses or
height. Always has to prove her point. Paranoid and slightly insane,
but hides it well. You know you've annoyed her when she starts getting
sacastic. Interests: learning to use the latest weaponry as quickly as
possible, to the point where she is the acknowledged expert. No-one
who has challenged her survived unscathed. Some didn't survive at all.
Respects only two things: authority and fighting ability.
Possibly criminal, but don't ask. She'll probably kill you. Currently
a mercenary, she heard that there might be a job going aboard the Blue
Dwarf and decided to take it. Rumoured to have almost a genius-level
IQ, Carter's temperament is suited only for jobs that might involve
hurting someone. She is a competent pilot and owns a one-person
fighter ship which she calls the Wyvern.
Favourite Sayings
"I did warn you." "Do you want me to kill you?" "You are in so much trouble."

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