Making a deal

Lorcans smile widend a bit. It was obvious that she was hiding a lot of thing for him, which of course wasn't unexpected, but this only peaked his interest.

"Sounds like you have an complicated family." he said in an cherry mood. He would have liked to get some more informations about it all, but she didn't seem to be ready let him in on all the details right now.

He then continued "Well, if I can't talk you out of traveling to Skeldergate then I can at least help you on your way." This all suited him perfectly as he could really need an extra hand or two to mange things on the farm and as a bonus he had to admit that she was quite attractive.

"How about we make this deal; If you help me take care of everything here at my farm for a day or two, then I'll gladly provide you with any of the resources you'll need on your journey." he smiled and then took the plate with the two bowls filled with soup and the plate with the pile of stakes and held it out towards her. "In fact you can start out right away with the most important part of them all. To bring food to my three 'friends'. Just keep your distance to the bars and then everything will be allright.".

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