Two Truths, One Lie

- Verden, Skeldergate outskirts, Lorcan's Farm, evening, 9 DSTR -

"I guess you must have a really good reason to put yourself in such a danger."

Kadri immediately stopped eating. Why was she out here? The real answer was far too risky and complicated. "Uh," she began, "I'm on sort of a business trip. I procrastinated far too long and I have to get some certain ingredients from the Skeldergate by tomorrow morning. I'm making the dishes for a special banquet, you see, and buying them will cost me more than I'm going to make. Money is tight. This place can't be that bad at night, can it? To be fair, I don't get out much," she gave a soft chuckle to tie up her lie. Looking at his expression she was almost positive he saw through the lie.


The woman sighed and stirred her soup, "Okay, look. I'm travelling because right now was my only chance to do so, the only way I could leave home unnoticed. I'm trying to find my family who I lost a while back and I need to travel through the forest to follow their steps exactly." She took a couple more hurried bites until the bowl was empty, he was an incredible listener. "And that puts me right here. My father can't know the reasoning behind why I left; he's kind of why they're missing too, so..." That sentence alone would've raised suspicion in anyone. Why would a father drive his family away? Because they weren't like Verdenians.

So she prepared herself to lie once more. And she didn't like the feeling.

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