The questioning begins

"Thank you for the dinner, and thank you for letting me in. Very few, especially out here, would even consider. If only I could have predicted the weather...," she smiled down at her bowl sheepishly, still cautious to make eye contact. "I wouldn't need to take refuge in such a place."

"Hopefully I'm not too much trouble"

He sent her a friendly smile "Oh don't worry about it. My doors are always open."

Then she made eye contact with him and only now he realised he had been staring at her. With a smile he looked a little away before looking back at her "And so far, you're certainly not any trouble at all. I was just about done with all of my duties for the day when you arrived anyway and it's only nice to meet some new people every once in a while.".

He then stood up, grabbed his bowl and walked back over to the small table with two empty bowls and the plate with stakes. Although he hadn't even touched his own food, he didn't feel wasting time on eating now as he would much rather learn more about this woman. He could always grab a snack later.

"I'm just wondering why a young woman such as you are traveling through this area all alone." he asked as he picked up from where he had left in his dinner preparations for the three others "Don't you know how dangerous it is out here? Especially at night time.". He filled the two bowls and placed them and the plate with the stakes on a large wooden plate, enabling him to carry all three of them at one time, before turning to look at the woman again.

As he looked at her he couldn't help but smirk a little "I guess you must have a really good reason to put yourself in such a danger.". This reason of hers really intrigued him. He just hoped she would share it with him even though they had just met.

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