- Verden, Skeldergate Outskirts, Lorcan's Farm, Evening, 9 DSTR -

“It’s primarily just rabbit and cabbage. Two of the few things I’m successful at keeping at the moment."

She nodded in thanks when he handed it to her. Kadri slurped the soup as she tilted the edge to her lips, completely ignoring the spoon. Her stomach had been running on empty for most of the day and at this point she didn't care. It tasted wonderful compared to nothing at all, salty with a hint of mushroom. Oh, how she loved mushrooms... just to be cooking dinner for her father, seeing him come home with a bright smile and happily scarfing it down. When nothing else mattered but a nice meal. She stared into the fire a moment as her shivering proceeded to die out. So bright and dangerous and honest without a care. Hot, harmful, graceful. It did nothing to hide its nature. Its presence was like nothing she'd seen before, nothing Dalen or Verden could hold combined. It was like a dragon's soul, a dancing serpent, glowing with every bit of ash and ember emitted. And it was free to do as it pleased.

It was what she felt.

After a moment more of the savory meal she tore her eyes from the flames.
"Thank you for the dinner, and thank you for letting me in. Very few, especially out here, would even consider. If only I could have predicted the weather...," she smiled down at her bowl sheepishly, still cautious to make eye contact. "I wouldn't need to take refuge in such a place." A place like a stranger's house outside the woods where no people go. The interior was cozy and simple and she was struck with memories of her own home. Grief, even, having just left without warning or preparation.

If you hadn't left you wouldn't need to.

"Hopefully I'm not too much trouble," she looked to him now and was in awe of his eyes, two opposites like a dark amber and a sapphire as striking as an ocean. It was beautiful and unlike anything she'd seen before. Curious.

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