Inquisitive Dialogue

"My name is Gareth and I'm not a thief" he said as defiantly as possible in his situation, looking the man straight into his calm wise eyes, trying his best to hide the terror he was feeling within.

Enanth looked well at him. He could see his discomfort growing with a fair helping of panic rising to the front. It was all there not just in his eyes but his body language as well. It was starting to dawn on Enanth that this man had been subjected to magic before, much to his panic.

"Please, just let me go. I know I'm not allowed to be here, but I really really need this book."

It was a plea alright, but it was still not what Enanth was needing to hear. If apologies were capable of righting wrongs, he was sure the world would be a different place. Deciding to switch his tactics, he asked the man in curiosity, "And what book is it that you need that forces you to take what is not yours?"

He watched the decisions go through his eyes, he himself coming to a decision. It was obvious to him he had been sent by someone. But there was a line of something else, something he was refusing to say. Or hiding...

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