Part of the truth

---- Dalen Archives, midday, 2 years later, day 1 ----

The mans gaze did not make Gareth feel any less uncomfortable. He hesitated quite a while and looked away. As far as he could see he had no other option than to tell the man what book he needed. "It is a book called "Regenerative potions" by Galladoorn the great..." Gareth knew Thia had warned him not to tell this to anyone but judging by the title of the book, not to mention his current situation, he couldn't see the harm in telling the truth.

He finally looked up at the man once more, feeling so pitifully as he did so "Please... If I don't get this book for her then I'll have nowhere to stay tonight and will be forced to.. get my dinner some other way...". It almost even surprised himself to hear the words that were coming from his mouth, but despite his fear there were something honest, maybe even kind, about this man infront of him that somehow made him want to tell the truth. Besides, what he had just said did not in any way reveal who he was working for or what he were.

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