Ill Guest?

Enanth was tidying up the ritual circle when he heard Lorcan speak to him.

"Uhm, do you have a moment, Master Enanth? You know this man?" He nodded back at the strange guy.

He paused and walked over to where he indicated. He was greeted once more with the sight of Gareth, though he shirked away from both him and Lorcan. His eyes were wide, almost too wide in the darkness.

"Master Gareth," Enanth said, somewhat in greeting but mostly in surprise. "Are you well?" He asked, stepping forward. The boy gave him a look that seemed familiar, as if he had seen someone else look at him like that. His reinforced "stay away" did not deter the master wizard. He glanced towards Lorcan.

"I do indeed know him. He is an associate of the Circle, " he said to him, looking back to Gareth. He missed Lorcan's face and his response as Gareth shied away from the both of them.

"Gareth," he spoke gently, hands raising in a non-aggressive posture. "You appear ill, come with me. I can help you," he said, slowly stepping forward.

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