-Three Days Prior-

The first thing Gularzob noticed as he strode through the entranceway of the walls that surrounded the villa were the guards. They were always the first thing to catch his attention, what with their shiny arrowheads and the swords they carried on their hips. It hadn't been too long ago that he had stood on the walls of his Stronghold and aided in fighting off Dalen soldiers who sought to bring the Orcs under Thalia's heel. It was a failed endeavor, the queen pulling her men out of the meat grinder and instead allowing the Orcs to stay, but it had been a costly engagement for both sides.

He could still see the resentment in some of their eyes, men who had once been boys who lost their father or grandfather in the colonization efforts. Bringing his attention away from the ironclad men, he breathed in the strong yet succulent aroma of the flowers. He couldn't help but smile as the scents took him away to his childhood, a time where he lived in the wilds and did not have his senses assaulted by the stench of populated city life in the lower levels. Bringing his attention away from the flowers as the mistress in question walked out of an elegantly carved arched doorway, Gularzob could not help but widen his eyes. He tried to keep his facial reaction to a minimum, but Ms Valade was absolutely stunning as she stood before him in a casual gown with her hair falling naturally.

Smiling and nodding as she greeted him, he bowed his head slightly and brought his right hand in a fist to his chest while his left went to his lower back. Standing up straight afterwards, he responded in an easy tone, revealing none of his earlier surprise, "Ms Kalena, it is a pleasure to see you and to be of service. My day has been well, but it increased by tenfold upon your summons. How may I be of service?"

He nodded as she asked about refreshments, knowing that questions such as those did not serve truly as a question to him but as an order to a nearby slave that was blending in and could easily slink off to bring them. Following her into the villa, he could not help it as his eyes wandered around the room, taking in the grandiose features. This was the first time he had stepped foot inside of her villa, his farrier duties requiring only that he stay in the stables and tend to the horses. Wrenching his eyes from the architecture as they reached a large wooden table, he narrowed his eyes as he looked down on the armor. It was not that it was a drab selection compared to the structure, but this was his trade now. His eyes were trained to spot little imperfections or inefficiencies in armor and he could not help but judge any armor he saw.

Watching her work the actions on the gauntlets, he looked to her face as she made her requests for his services. He could easily repair this armor to its former state, but he would kick himself if he did that. There were too many minute imperfections that he could see to allow him to simply repair it and ignore them. Reaching for the gauntlet, he flicked his eyes up to hers and offered a quick, "If I may?" Taking hold of the gauntlet, he moved his hands over the blade mechanism, testing it out and locating the triggering mechanism. Next, he moved his finger to the poison needle and turned his eyes back to her before asking, "What are the effects of this poison?"

Setting the gauntlet down after asking, he was still paying attention to any response she had as he moved onto the corset. Picking it up, he rotated it between his hands and rubbed his thumb over a few of the weakpoints. He could see the fracture lines in his head and imagined the dorce it would take. A solid war hammer strike here, and her armor would fail tremendously. Not only would the blow pierce, but it would crack the armor in three different directions. Setting the armoe back down, he turned back to face her and nearly knocked the tray out of the slave's hands. Turning to him quickly, he took the entire tray and set it on the table before speaking, "I would be very pleased if you allowed me to craft you a new set of armor."

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